Website Evaluation and Marketing

Starting and Managing a business requires much more than just writing a business plan, opening an account and printing off some cards. If you own a small business, professional practice or are self-employed and need professional business advice, I offer some money saving packages that can help you take your business to the next level:

Small Business Consultation:

2 hours of consultation and review on up to 2 areas of your business: sales, marketing, time management / productivity, staffing, business planning.

Schedule a Small Business Consultation.

Website evaluation:

A website is like a shop on a high street- you would be worried if no one walks through the doors. If your site isn’t bringing in enough business, send me your website address for evaluation. I’ll review your site, we’ll talk, and I’ll give you some written suggestions for improving your marketing message, traffic and conversions.

Schedule a Website Evaluation

Marketing Strategy:

Do you have a Strategy for your business marketing? If you need to restructure and activate your marketing strategy, simply send me your website address and marketing materials for review, give me a list of your closest competition and their websites (if you know them), and we’ll schedule an hour call to talk about how you can make your marketing more effective and I’ll send you written suggestions and Marketing Map, following our conversation.

Schedule Strategic Marketing Activation.

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