30 Women 30 Days 30 Videos Business Challenge 2012

I am so delighted to be part of a business challenge 30 women 30days 30 videos Empowering the world. Each business owner will be sharing tips , techniques, secrets of business growth.

How It Started :

It all started innocently in a Facebook Group. How should I brand my You Tube page? How do you improve YouTube channel views? How do you get YouTube subscribers? How many videos should you have on your YouTube channel? And suddenly, a challenge was cast into the ring—How about committing to creating thirty 1-5 minute videos for 30 days straight? The challenge was accepted by one, two and then several others.

Now, YouTube Business Challenge 2012, is a project that will include 30 Top Female Entrepreneurs all committed to the 30 day challenge. The project was spearheaded by Celia Gates @celiagates and Placida Acheru (@4excellenceblog) with additional collaboration from Lori Webb @loriwebb.

Below is my introduction to the challenge. I will be posting one video blog every day for 30 days.

You are invited to connect join the other 29 women here at : The Business Challenge 2012

Please spread the word , there is a lot of information going out in these 30 days which can benefit so many businesses. I hope you get empowered and motivated as the days go by.

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