Making A Million Pounds Is Easy – Blog Series Day 8

Can you actually make a million pounds in one month or year. Yes you can!!!
* You can sell e-books
* You can create a membership site or club
* You can start an internet business and sell affiliate products
* You can launch a high end training or program
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How To Grow Your Business 30 Days or Less – Day Seven

What are tele-seminar? – As the name goes they are seminars held online through a telephone system. These seminars can host between5 – 10,000+ participants, the benefit of this kind of seminar is, participants can log in from anywhere in the world, in their home, office and today on their mobile phones.

How Do You Go About It- Firstly you need to know :–
1. Who do you want to reach and why?
2. What do you want to say to them?
3. Write out your content, you need something that sells for a start.
4. Decide if you want it free or paid- I will say free if you do not have a list
5. Decide if you would host it alone or other with experts
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How to Grow Your Business 30 days or Less- Day Six

Generating income for your business is a big subject for most business owners, many run out of ideas, while others have too many ideas and apply none. You need to look within, at all your God given abilities because these abilities will be the bed rock which helps to enhance and increase your ability to apply new knowledge of making money.
You can create your own physical product which you can sell to your clients at your events or on your website. These include writing your own book , DVD’s , Videos, the list goes on Continue reading

How To Grow Your Business 30 Days or Less – Day Four

I believe that every area of your life must have goals set in order to achieve massive success; if you want to move from the majority to the minority then your life has to have structure. If you want to be classified as the masses then that’s what you would be, if you want to stand out from the crowd and be an influencer then every area of your life must be structured to fit in to your desire for your life.

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How To Grow Your Business 30 Days or Less – Day Two

My question today is – what is that business, dream, goal that you really want to achieve? What is stopping you from getting to your peak? What’s really holding you back?
If you really want successs that bad you need to be ready to give up that things you love. Continue reading