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I am so delighted to bring you an inspirational group of 18 Female Entrepreneurs. These women have been carefully selected because of the extraordinary work they are doing which is impacting on other business women and changing lives forever.

The world of business and finance is changing and as a result more and more women are becoming financially independent and business savvy.

I bring you a package from this unique event which was designed to Motivate, Empower, Encourage, Educate and Enlighten you.

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Our Special Guest shared the Secrets of How they Unleashed their Potential and Realized Business Success

More and more women are becoming financially independent and business savvy. and you can do it too.

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Meet Some of Your Speakers

Bev James is one of the UKs sought-after motivational business speakers with an outstanding reputation as a business leader. She is a sought-after business coach, often referred to as a Millionaires Mentor and is at the forefront of business coaching in the UK today. She is an acclaimed business turnaround specialist and a successful serial entrepreneur in her own right. Bev takes a special interest in the people element of business life.

She is Founder and Managing Director of the joint venture with James Caan, which provides cutting-edge skillset/training and mentoring for entrepreneurs and business owners and also

She has been Managing Director of the world’s largest training school for coaches, since 2008.

Bev James
Don’t Let Procrastination Destroy Your Passion, Purpose and Prosperity!
Terri Levine
Best-selling author Terri Levine is a business growth mentor and marketing consultant. She specializes in helping entrepreneur-owned businesses achieve record-breaking growth. Terri is the founder and CEO of Comprehensive Coaching U, Inc., The Professional’s Coach Training Program, an internationally recognized training program for Certified Comprehensive Coaches. She specializes in using Comprehensive Coaching principles to mentor professionals and companies to experience greater business, financial and personal success. Over more than 30 years she has served more than 5,000 entrepreneurs and business owners in 239 industries. Today she is known as The Business Growth Guru®.

Marie-Claire Carlyle is the author of the ground breaking book “How to become a Money Magnet” She is a Success Coach, Feng Shui consultant and Inspirational Speaker and has been running Money Magnet workshops across Europe since 2006, with proven and tested results. Last year the BBC filmed her as an expert wealth trainer for its series on the subject of money. Marie-Claire has spent most of her working life coaching others to achieve their full potential value. Initially a Sales Trainer for the Xerox Corporation she went on to become an award winning Sales Manager at Xerox and then UK Sales Director of a software company, delivering over £1million sales month on month. In 2003 she “jumped ship” from the Corporate world and retrained in the fields of Feng Shui and Personal Development, launching her own coaching consultancy at the end of 2005. Marie-Claire's clients range from start ups to celebrity entrepreneurs and she remains passionate about inspiring others to attract their full value and to lift the ceiling on the amount of money they can attract into their lives.

Marie-Claire Carlyle
You are receiving over 20 hours of Life transforming teachings
Kathleen Aston
Kathleen was early acknowledged as a marketing and creative communications prodigy and she achieved a distinguished and meteoric career in the marketing and advertising industry. She then turned her attentions to building two successful million-dollar revenue generating businesses. For the last 10 years, award-winning Dragon Direct Marketing Inc., has served national and global B2B clients. Through the design of a focused, global concept business model for Kathleen Aston International, she delivers unparalleled life and business services for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and change-seeking individuals. Supporting profound personal and professional transformation through coaching and training programs inspired by the TRUE System™ for Purpose-Driven Prosperity. As an oft-quoted and acknowledged wise woman, Kathleen’s life purpose is to bestow upon women from all walks of life, mastering the mindset, success behaviours and life altering techniques to create fulfilling and joyful lives.
Naomi Sesay
Naomi Sesay is one of the most exciting personal development authors and speakers to come out of the UK. Her experience spans the high pressure environment of television broadcasting, wealth creation and the mind-boggling world of Quantum Physics. Naomi has taken both individuals and groups facing social, business-related and economic challenges and turned their lives around with phenomenal success. She has also worked with educational programmes, schools, charities, Her Majesty’s Prison Services and corporate entities to share her life changing tools. Naomi is a serial entrepreneur and director of three companies, including Global Infinity, The Billionaire Ladies Club and a Schools of Higher Consciousness Awareness (SOHCA) Organisation.
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Allyson Byrd
Allyson Byrd is a recognized thought-leader and master trainer. Known for her bold and inspirational messages, Allyson has helped thousands of women go from just dreaming to creating the extraordinary results they desire for their lives. An entrepreneur, speaker, author, motivator, and executive leadership coach, she founded The Purpose Within, an internationally recognized training and consulting company that coaches business owners, executives, non-profit leaders, teams, managers and individuals in transition. Allyson won the 2010 San Antonio Woman of Influence Award from the Circle of Influence and was recently nominated by the National Association for Women Business Owners for the 2010-2011 Rising Star Award; she is featured in the 2011 Who’s Who in San Antonio.

We are all so excited that you are here and we know that you will look forward to this connection with our team of experts.

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Placida Acheru
Founder of

Placida started in business by turning her hobbies into money making ventures now showing others how to do the same on a large scale.

She has inspired other women to succeed through her training programs which include: Business systems, group coaching programs, training workshops and business strategies.

Her passion is seeing people discover their true calling, taking charge of their lives, breaking every road block to financial success and having an all round success.

She is a no nonsense straight talking Business Coach who will help you banish every road block of failure and reach for financial freedom!