A Fresh Start

Hi all am back. Its been a while and you’ll notice that there has been some changes, well a lot of changes on the blog. The fun has just began.

The name of the blog if you noticed has changed from Fine Pearls Intl to The BOD – The Business Online Directory this is to reflex the new community that has just been created . http://www.thebusinessonlinedirectory.biz/ was developed with a real passion and flair for building and giving support to budding business, It will help to connect entrepreneurs around the globe with the help of you and I.

This Business Online Directory was created on October 23rd 2008. It presently has 403 members as at 26/11/08 on its facebook page and 46 members on its Ning page. Big difference eh!. I need to give the Ning page a push. Anyway its growing by the day please invite your friends to join.

I will be using this blog for the purpose of which it was originally created which is to post tips to grow and support business.

Its a fresh start and I intend to get better at blogging. To ensure this happens I joined a bloggers meet up group , my first meeting was quite an eye opener.

I encourage you to join any group that will help you get better at what you do.

Its 00.45am Londond time and time to lay my head down.

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