Low Cost Ideas to grow your business…

Corporate entertaining can help differentiate your company from its competitors. Parties give you a chance to talk with prospective clients as well as thank current customers.

Many executives and salespeople recognize this form of hospitality can save them countless hours of individual breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Mass entertaining allows you to reach many people at once. It really is cheaper than one-on-one entertaining, and I feel much more effective from a time viewpoint. Continue reading

What You Ought to Know about LinkedIn

We have all heard of LinkedIn. Some love it some, don’t really see the point. As you are reading this online I will assume that you have been invited to join LinkedIn from a friend or coworker. Did you join? If not, read on. If you did, use these reasons to spread the gospel to everyone that’s not joined up yet – just like I do…

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Website Evaluation and Marketing

Starting and Managing a business requires much more than just writing a business plan, opening an account and printing off some cards. If you own a small business, professional practice or are self-employed and need professional business advice, I offer some money saving packages that can help you take your … Continue reading