Business Competitors and How To Outshine Them – Blog Series 16

Business Mentoring cannot be over emphasized, mentoring will save you time and help you avoid mistakes that business owners make. A business man with a mentor grows really quickly, learns from the experience of the expert and gains in a short time what an expert has acquired over a long period of time. Most business owners think they can learn and create a successful business all by themselves but they soon find out that the process is not as easy as it looks and without a guiding hand the business soon crumbles. Many great Ideas have not come to fruition because the people gave up before they could give themselves a chance to succeed. Think of any great business person you know, they will always refer to their mentor, there is always someone they go to for advice and guidance. Continue reading

Time Management 101 For Business Owners- Blog Series 15

Organize your working resources : Don’t ever continue with your messed up tables and file cabinets. Same goes for your laptop and desktop. Keep all of your required files in a decent and arranged order so that you could save time by searching for them. The same theory goes even for files you are not considering as necessary at the moment, you never know when you need any particular document. Try to keep all these resources in an arranged manner and make appropriate indexing of these resources.

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Create Business Credibility Online- Blog Series 14

Bring transparency in your business: You can achieve more credibility with your business when you can bring more transparency in your business. In order to do so, give as much information as possible that would make your potential clients have that safe feeling that they are in the right place. Continue reading