Become The Internet Middle Man – Jim Graham

I met Jim Graham at a Social Media Summit about a month ago, where he  spoke on Being The Internet Middle Man. This was the second time I was listening to him, I could see a big transformation from the first time I heard him speak, you could tell he is walking the talk.  More so, It was great to see a real life person tell his story, so I grabbed him do to a quick video for The Bod.  Enjoy!

Here is a little profile on Jim.


Jim Graham – Ive been in the off-line business world for over 20 years. Car washing was my expertise and passion until the end of 2007 when the US economy took a nose dive. Banks would no longer loan money for car washes and my business of consulting and equipment quickly came to a halt.

I got hooked at the World Internet Summit in Melbourne, Australia. Really Amazing! I learned more in 4 days than I had in 20 plus years of internet use. I really could not believe the kind of business that could be generated until that four days.

Today Jim is the CEO of Xpress IM, LLC – He is called The Internet Middle Man


We will have more on Jim coming soon.



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