Become the Teacher: Package Your Passion & Expertise to Help Others Succeed

Your gifts, strengths and experiences can be leveraged into teleclasses, webinars, information products, articles and blog posts to help others achieve more success in your area of expertise. When you position yourself as THE go-to-expert in your area of specialty, you attract more visibility, credibility, income and opportunities! Continue reading

How to Charge What You’re Worth with KATE BEEDERS – 10-11pm GMT – Join Us

Join Kate Beeders as she educates us on how we can Charge What we’re Worth

This is what you will gain:

Point1 – Insight on why this is so difficult
Point 2- How their core beliefs stop them from charging what they’re worth
Point 3- How limiting beliefs stop them from charging what they’re worth
Point4 – How to start releasing the blocks
Point 5- Action steps to take to start moving forward

Register Here to join the call: it is free to listen on your computer or phone

Registered listeners gain access to business tools provided by the experts. Spread the word so more women can be empowered . Continue reading

Woman Unleash Your Potential Summit – July 13th 8.30PM GMT Join Us

Join Debbie LaChusa, author of Breaking the Spell: The Truth about Money, Success, and the Pursuit of Happiness, and discover:

How losing $200,000, a business, a house to foreclosure, her
American Express card, and herself, helped Debbie see that she
was spellbound, and prompted a yearlong investigative journey, a
career change, and a mission to change the world
Why we spend so much time chasing money, success, and
What the “measuring stick” concept is and how it affects the way
we pursue money, success, and happiness
4 tips to break the spell and live happier, healthier, and wealthier lives Continue reading

Take Your Book on a Virtual Book Tour Around the Globe

Join us for this exciting session with Marketing Wizard and Bestselling Author, D’vorah Lansky where you’ll get the inside scoop and discover strategies that you can put into action for your own book or programs.

We’ve all heard about authors traveling from city to city, spending a great deal of money in travel expenses, to tour their book. Imagine being able to reach thousands of new readers, without leaving home!

A Virtual Book Tour is much like a traditional book tour but instead of flying from city to city, you are featured on a wide variety of blogs and websites across the Internet.
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Eliminate the Mind Ghosts to Quadrupling your Clients

  Nan Akasha, CHT, Mind over Money™ Business Coach, Creator of High Income Hypnosis™, The Sacred Sales Solution System™, and the Money Manifestation Method™, #1 Bestselling Author of “Already Rich: Secrets to Master Your Money Mind”, Inspiring Speaker and Chosen as WE Magazine for Women’ Top 100 Women in Ecommerce … Continue reading

Moving from Pain to Power

  Mal Duane has triumphed over devastating life challenges to become an Alpha Chick extraordinaire. Today she serves clients through the multi-million dollar real estate company that she built from scratch. She has a dream marriage, and, as a certified Professional Coach, is deeply involved with helping women discover and use … Continue reading