Business Competitors and How To Outshine Them – Blog Series 16

Welcome to day 16 of the 30 Day Blog series How To Grow Your Business 30 days or Less. We will be looking at How to stay on top of the game, don’t get confuse, I am not trying to bring sports in our business discussion, and this is all about business. As you know there is no business without competition, they are everywhere big and small, the internet those not make it easy as it gives access to everyone to become a big challenge to your business. So how do you stay on top of your game?

a)   Training: Training, every business owner who is not constantly updating himself is heading for a big fall. Trends are changing so fast as the British weather, if you do not update yourself you will soon find out that you have nothing to offer your clients. This is where regular training comes in, you are either receiving training or you are providing training, any of the two will keep you up to date with trends in your industry.

b)   Conference: The beauty about conferences is that you get to meet a wide range of business owners from location around the world depending on the size of the conference you are attending and your contact base expands significantly, you will also find opportunity to seal business deals that you will not have normally done if you were just sat in your office.   Most business owner ten to worry about the cost of conference fees but in the long run what you gain cannot be quantified monetarily.

c) Workshops: It is advised to regularly attend workshops to improve specific skills to help you grow your business. A workshop is more practical, so you can attend one to help you with your social media management.  I would always say that a business person should have the basic knowledge for all that needs to be done to make the business process successful , you do not necessarily have to do them yourself so as to free your time be sure to be in the loop. A good benefit for workshop, it is a smaller group so the connection you build last a long time and helps your business relationships.   .

d) Mentoring: This cannot be over emphasized, mentoring will save you time and help you avoid mistakes that business owners make. A business man with a mentor grows really quickly, learns from the experience of the expert and gains in a short time what an expert has acquired over a long period of time. Most business owners think they can learn and create a successful business all by themselves but they soon find out that the process is not as easy as it looks and without a guiding hand the business soon crumbles. Many great Ideas have not come to fruition because the people gave up before they could give themselves a chance to succeed.   Think of any great business person you know, they will always refer to their mentor, there is always someone they go to for advice and guidance.

I have heard start up business owners say “I don’t want my idea stolen”, you must ask yourself how many business ideas would a mentor steal – He or she would have too much to do and would crumble. Business mentors are not interested in stealing your ideas they there to share their experience for your growth.

e) Set updates: Google , Yahoo , Twitter and many other allow you set alerts so that when there is new information around your industry you get it directly to your email. That way you are able to follow the trends and be in the loop of what is new.  If you do not have alerts set , you want to consider having some on topics that are related to your business.

f ) Update your Library: Finally I must say ,you can never have enough books on your shelf, sometimes you may feel they all have the same information, if you are someone who read a lot you will find out there is always something new. Make the habit of implementing new information as you read no need acquiring books and doing nothing with the information gained.

Let’s see you taking some action, as from today.


Placida Acheru

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