Create Business Credibility Online- Blog Series 14

Today is the 14th day of the blog series How to Grow your Business in 30 Days or less. We have talked about a lot of thing that would help your business grow in a short period, it looks like a lot to do, the key is to start and take each step with the confidence that you will complete your goal.   Today we look at how to gain credibility online and regardless the type of business you are involved in, earning credibility is one such core issue which play significant role in bringing change and making positive impact in your business. No matter how good you are in communication and managing your business, if just miss this point of earning credibility, you will find yourself in the middle of nowhere. So let’s take a quick look at some of the things you can put in place to gain credibility in your business.

  1. Put your maximum effort on your web site and web content: When it comes to having a business online, the first point of call for your clients is your webpage, and you want your clients to have a good impression of you. Let your design, pattern, content and usability of your web site give your clients the first impression that you are the right person that they should be working with.  Keep it to the moderation when you start and build up as you go adding quality content that attracts readers and subscribers to your site. So put your maximum effort so that you can earn that business credibility , here are a few things to note:


a) Your website should have the look and feel that represents you and your message..

b) The content you provide should be related to what services you provide you do not want to confuse your potential clients.

c) Make your web site as interactive as you can. Let your consumers provide feedback and information about your business, testimonial help a lot and will be great assets.

2. Make the ‘about us’ page all about your business: When writing your about us page, put yourself in the place of your clients, what do you think they want to hear you say?  Help your clients make informed choices based on the information you have provided, as well as helping them have a feel of the person behind the scene.

3.  Bring transparency: You can achieve more business credibility when you can bring more transparency in your business. In order to do so, give as much information as possible that would make your potential clients have that safe feeling that they are in the right place.

4. Be consistent: People are now looking forward to have product or services from businesses that they can see consistency, as much as you can avoid confusing your clients with too many offers and services focus on a niche and let it be clear enough for your clients to know exactly what you do. Let them believe what you believe. Share your business vision and how you want to achieve them.

5. Make your presence more strong: although the emphasis is about online credibility, local businesses also have to make an effort to be seen, do not hide behind the screen. Get yourself out there by attending events, conferences, and workshops; expand your network by planning out these activities as part of your growth process.

6. Get on the search Engines: Get your website optimized, if you are not found then no one will know you exist. Put in place processes that will keep you in the face of your potential clients. if you have been following this blog series you would notice that I have mentioned way that you can do this generically. Take the advantages of utilizing the advertising option in various social networking sites, get affiliates to promote you for a commission, this works really well.

7. Provide information about your operational policy: it is advised to have a policy in place and terms of service for your website users. Provide all legal clearances that you have with your businesses like trade license number, tax number, corporate or business lawyer you are affiliated with; people get confident when they have seen you to provide this information to the web site. You have got to decide how much information you want to give.

These are just a few things you can do to give your clients that safe place to rest on, so that they can trust you and commit to your services. The rest of this blog series will give you more information on other things you need to do for your business growth and credibility.

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