Deborah – Founder and CEO of award winning Forensic Pathways

Deborah is Founder and CEO of award winning Forensic Pathways. Going beyond conventional analytical techniques, FPL specialises in offering unique data analysis solutions in the area of Due Diligence/risk, business and criminal intelligence and is internationally recognised for taking a lead in the development of forensic products/services. FPL has a diverse and international client base, including the Police, Local Authorities, Banking, Financial Services, Retail and Telecommunications industries.

As a result of recognition for her achievements in business build and entrepreneurship, Deborah is also involved in a number of other organizations:

  • National President of the British Association of Women Entrepreneurs
  • Chair of the Midlands World Trade Forum, a West Midlands regional network supporting businesses involved in international trade.
  • Director of the European Network of Women in Leadership
  • Deputy Director of the United Nations UK Global Compact Network supporting multi-nationals and SMES in Corporate Social Responsibility, reporting directly to UN Headquarters in New York

You can find out more about Deborah on her website:


So you’ve got an idea, may be you’ve lots of ideas, may be you’re one of those people who always say why didn’t they do it like that, or if I was to design something I’d do it in this way? Today is about asking questions and making choices

  • Who are you – what are your motivators and drivers?
  • What do you want?
  • What do you need to do to get it?
  • Who is the person you need to be?
  • We are going to look at the nature of you
  • Challenges not barriers – its all about the mindset
  • Too Risky – what’s your relationship with risk
  • Letting go of the baby – inventors disease

So what’s it going to take to GO BEYOND ‘EUREKA’

For More Information about this event see 

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