Do It or Ditch It- Eight steps to business success from the millionaires’ mentor, Bev James

Welcome to the world of Do It! or Ditch It! thinking – where decision-making is clear and everything is possible. It all depends on how far you want to go with your dreams and plans.

Do It! or Ditch It was born out of the frustration of seeing too many good business ideas go to waste while bad ideas take up valuable time and resources – and from a strong desire to show that we are always in control of our own decisions and can choose to be successful if we wish.

We all know people who have good ideas that never seem to take off. Month after month they talk about their vision, but it always remains a glimmer on the horizon. Nothing ever happens. The dream is clouded by talk of ‘should’, ‘might’, ‘could’.

A goal needs focused decision-making to make it happen. Decisions lead to action. Action propels us forward, brings about change, and delivers results. Being successful in business for the long term depends on the decisions that you make each and every day.

The Do It! or Ditch It approach is based on my experiences as a business mentor, leadership coach and a business owner says Bev James

Part I includes five decision-making tools that you can apply in a fast, focused and considered way.

The Do It! or Ditch It path is not for everyone. It requires mental toughness, self-discipline and single-mindedness – but it is extremely rewarding. For those with the resilience and tenacity to turn their business dream into a commercial reality, Do It! or Ditch It will help you to make focused decisions, use time wisely and stay on track to get to where you want to be.

You can you pre order Do It! or Ditch It via Amazon which will be released at the end of July.

Do it! or Ditch it
Eight steps to business success from the millionaires’ mentor, Bev James
How to turn ideas into action and make decisions that count

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