Do You Need A Surge In Your Motivation? A Pick Me Up For Your Business

Everyone at some point needs a coach , mentor and sometimes you just need to be around like minded business owners, hear what they say and gain some tips. Over the last 2 weeks The Women Unleash Your Potential summit presented over 15 Top Female Speakers , we have one more week to go.

If you need  be  Motivated, Empowered, Encouraged, Educated, Enlightened  to become all that you were brought on this earth to be then consider listening in to this summit. Its free to connect and listen. Below are some of the speakers we have had on the show so far.

Bev James -our Featured Guest and author of  Do It! or Ditch It – shared How you can Hire your first member of staff and Most common mistakes people make when starting a business.

Stephanie Hale (author of the best-seller, ‘Millionaire Women, Millionaire You’.) –  Shared -5 Millionaire Tips and Why you must publish a book.

PJ Van Hulle – Shared – 7 Steps to Creating Your Client Attraction Blueprint

Terri Levine Shared the Topic:  Growth vs. Growing: How You’re Going to Get More Customers and Clients in This Economy

Deena Douglas-Shared-How to Get the Law of Attraction to finally work for you, instead of against you

Jane Morrison ( Canada) shared How to Get over the Fear of Failure to Break through Barriers that Hold you back and What you Need to Let Go of and Say “Yes” to in Order to Achieve your Dreams

Jane Kenyon will shared – The essential mindset drivers to be a successful entrepreneur – passion, self belief, good network, vision, tenacity, infinite potential

Below is some of what Jane Kenyon shared – taken from a Listeners note:

Entrepreneur Mindset by Jane Kenyon
First be recognised as a player NOT a spectator. ie get in the game, get going and get better, don’t stand on the sidelines and criticize and secondly be recognised as a leader ie stay in front, generate followers, inspire and connect and be a role model.

E – Entrepreneurial Thinker (developing your big picture)
N – Niche (understanding your niche and sticking to it)
T – Tenacious (having 100% self belief in you and your business)
R – Recognition (be recognised as a player not a spectator)
E – Embrace the concept of Infinite Potential (no limits even if you seem arrogant)
P – Peer Network (you need to have the right entrepreneurs around you)
R – Risk Taker (you have to have an element of risk about you – feel the fear)
E – Excited (you need to know WHY you are doing it and be passionate about it)
N – Need to make a difference (you need to be passionate and driven)
E – Enhancing Your Offer Over Time (your market is changing all the time)
U – Understanding leverage and sustainability (build something bigger than you)
R – Recognised (being recognised as a leader)
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Here’s what some of the listeners posted on my Facebook wall yesterday 15-07-11

Hi Placida, great to meet you on Wednesday, and I’m loving your ‘Unleash Your Potential’ telesummit – keep those great speakers coming! Best wishes, Louise McCarron

Hi Placida, I’m still wired, fired and inspired! I’m looking forward to tuning into your events. Best wishes, Antoinette Niles

Happy Birthday Placida, loving the “Unleash Your Potentials” summit :)

Thank you Jane Morrison – It is my pleasure to connect with you and be part of such a phenomenal line up of astounding women ;0)

To Join us for this Life transforming summit, just sign up at you can listen, live on your Pc, Mobile phone or Land line. Share this with your friends by posting on Facebook, Tweet about it,  let as many ladies as you can know about this event.


I look forward to connecting with you online.


Placida Acheru

Business Transformation Coach

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