Eliminate the Mind Ghosts to Quadrupling your Clients


Nan Akasha, CHT, Mind over Money™ Business Coach, Creator of High Income Hypnosis™, The Sacred Sales Solution System™, and the Money Manifestation Method™, #1 Bestselling Author of “Already Rich: Secrets to Master Your Money Mind”, Inspiring Speaker and Chosen as WE Magazine for Women’ Top 100 Women in Ecommerce for 2012.

Nan Akasha, founder of The Akasha Group International, an International Coaching Company that serves a vibrant worldwide community of Women Entrepreneurs, coaches and business owners at any level, Women Executives and Performers and Women desiring to perform at their peak and excel. Nan’s ability to clear inner blocks to taking a Big Vision and making a Big Impact and Big Money.

A lifelong entrepreneur of 6 and 7 Figure businesses, Nan’s Big Vision is to IMPACT the Wealth Awareness and Money Paradigm of Women, and the World by creating more Women making 6 & 7 Figures. 28 Years starting and growing businesses from Fashion Design to Real Estate investing, 26 years of energy and Spiritual work around the globe, to losing it all and building it all back again. Nan’s High Income Hypnosis ™ goes directly to the cause, and “Flips your rich switch” so you can make money now and embody the “Wealthy Woman” within and ‘evict the “Poor Girl” in your mind holding you back.

Topic: Eliminate the Mind Ghosts to Quadrupling your Clients, Cash and Confidence 

Discover how deep the inner ‘ghosts’ go and where they originated from that keep you from living the dream you have within.

You have a deep desire inside you to live a certain kind of life, one that fulfills you and touches lives and creates


What is stopping you from knowing that dream or making it your reality? Mind ghosts… stories of lies that have been passed down from generation to generation. You have no way of knowing what they are, yet they control and limit your ability to create the kind of clientele, cash and have the true inner self love that will fulfil you and fill your bank account.


Nan Akasha will take you on a fascinating journey into your mind, and how it creates your entire reality, from cash to love, from confidence to fear…Her years of High Income Hypnosis and coaching work have given Nan a deep insight into what is really going on in your subconscious mind and how that is the key to quadrupling your results and creating the dream you were born to live.10 minute hypnosis included.


For More Information about this event go to; http://www.womanunleashyourpotential.com

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