Embrace Your Destiny – Sandra Dawes #bizprofile

Name:  Sandra Nicholl Dawes

Business:  Personal Development and Spiritual Growth

Business Start: 2009

About Business:  Embrace Your Destiny is a Life Coaching practice that focuses on personal development and spiritual growth. My coaching technique is a combination of coaching basics and the lessons I’ve learned from my personal experiences on my personal journey of spiritual growth and development.

Live Now : Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

What motivates and inspires you?:  I’m motivated to share the lessons I’ve learned and help people to release their self imposed limitations and realize their inherent greatness! I am on a journey of continuous education in all forms and really enjoy sharing the information I gather with others, both on a personal and professional level.

What places do you love?: Cuba and Costa Rica

What foods do you love?: Ackee and Saltfish

How do you spend your spare time?: Reading and enjoying the outdoors with my dog

What are your big goals?: To complete and publish my book and run my first virtual bootcamp.

Next Best Career: Running an animal rescue

Business Tip: Be persistent in pursuing your goals.

Advice For The Next Generation :  We all have a unique gift to share with the world, it’s up to you to discover yours!

If you won the lottery what would you do?: I would open “Soul Spas” anywhere I could, where people would be able to experience the various treatments that allow for strengthening the mind/body/soul connection.

Social Media Handles

YouTube: www.youtube.com/embraceurdestiny

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