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Catherine C. Palmer 

Catherine Palmer

Catherine C. Palmer began her career with one of the UK’s leading recruitment services; later becoming a tutor in Practical Philosophy at the School of Economic Science. Catherine trained in Stress Management in Switzerland and Florida and has been a successful stress and relationship counsellor for a number of years. She provides these services to both individuals and corporate bodies and has recently completed a romantic novel ‘An Extraordinary Gift’ which also incorporates elements of her unique guidelines for a successful relationship.

Catherine loves to walk barefoot on the sand when the tide recedes near her beach-side home. For her the most inspiring book she’s read is ‘Mutant Message Down Under’ about one woman’s walk across the Australian Outback. Inspiring too is the success of singer, Susan Boyle, and the triumphant progress of Barak Obama to the White House. Unlike some fellow Brits, the UK’s unreliable weather doesn’t bother Catherine - rain, sun or snow – it’s just weather to her. She has little time for trivia, as there are so many important things to be doing like influencing people’s attitude to their health and the health of the planet, bringing happiness into the lives of friends and family and sitting in a café with her husband, planning the development of their business.

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