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Naomi  Sesay

Naomi Sesay

Naomi Sesay is one of the most exciting personal development authors and speakers to come out of the UK. Her experience spans the high pressure environment of television broadcasting, wealth creation and the mind-boggling world of Quantum Physics. Naomi has taken both individuals and groups facing social, business-related and economic challenges and turned their lives around with phenomenal success. She has also worked with Educational programmes, schools, charities, Her Majesty’s Prison Services and corporate entities to share her life changing tools.

Naomi is a serial entrepreneur and director of three companies, including Global Infinity,
The Billionaire Ladies Club and a Schools of Higher Consciousness Awareness (SOHCA)

Organization. She is the creator of transformational life workshops including The Human Upgrade, Create Change (an entrepreneurship program for economically challenged women) and Reality Check (a youth program) all of which are paving the way to raise a more enlightened level of collective human consciousness.

Naomi attributes much of her business success to a new approach towards social enterprise, which has led her to build a unique school in Sierra Leone – the poorest country in the world.

Naomi Sesay grew up in New York City and by the age of seven, was sent to England to
attend boarding school with her elder sister where she discovered she had an array of talents. One of these is the ability to present complex ideas into commonly understood language, into layman’s terms if you like.

 Graduating with a BA (Hons) in European Business Management, Naomi then went onto work for MTV News as a Producer and Presenter at the height of MTV Europe’s
popularity. Naomi also worked as one of the first Producers of Channel 4’s ‘Big Brother’.

Having spent 10 years in television, Naomi decided that ‘time’ was her most precious
asset: and switched from a career in broadcast media to becoming a successful property investor, mentor and trainer with Whitney UK Limited, now known as Tigrent Learning UK.

This, in turn, has led Naomi to financial freedom and then to train others to follow suit.
In 2003, Naomi created a powerful transformational workshop, The Law of Intention

Experience, which quickly became very popular through word of mouth. Extracting her personal experience and the knowledge of Quantum Physics, Naomi’s signature workshop became the foundation for her own companies and changed the concept’s name to The Human Upgrade. It has also led her to realise her dream of building a unique school in Matamp, Sierra Leone, which is due to be completed in 2011.

To date, Naomi has been a keenly inspirational speaker and entrepreneur that oozes a unique energy from the first moment you meet her. It is therefore hardly surprising that so many people, especially women, have approached her for mentoring, hence the birth of the Billionaire Ladies Club - a rapidly growing global network of highly aspirational women looking to transform the world through entrepreneurship.

Naomi has consolidated much of her knowledge, inspiration and learning into her debut written work, The Human Upgrade, launched in July 2009.

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