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Pam Lawhorne

Pam Lawhorne

Pam Lawhorne is an online business coach and social networking specialist that teaches entrepreneurs how they can increase their visibility, attract more clients and make more money using the powers of the internet and social networking.

She is the Chief Empowerment Officer of Empower U, Incorporated, training and consulting firm that specializes in workshops, seminars and interactive coaching programs. Her areas of expertise include online marketing, social media, entrepreneurship, small business start-up, business development and creative marketing.

Pam is the author of “From Minimum Wage To Getting Paid – How To Become A Successful Entrepreneur With No Money, Education Or Experience Just Like I Did!”. She is also a syndicated columnist who writes articles on empowerment, entrepreneurship, marketing as well as personal and business development.

Pam is the creator of “The Social Entrepreneur” a program that shows entrepreneurs how to use social networking and online marketing to drive more traffic to their business. She also created “”, an interactive training series that teaches business owners how to use various forms of internet marketing to increase their passive income streams. Pam Lawhorne and/or any of her associated brands, trademarks and companies are a division of Empower U, Incorporated, a SBE, MWBE & HUB Certified Firm

After using Pam’s proven online marketing methods, her clients typically see a significant increase in their traffic, ranking on both Google and Alexa and their following on the various social networks.

You can learn more about Pam and get a free copy of her program “The Social Entrepreneur: Get More Traffic, Attract More Clients & Make More Money Through Networking” by visiting

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