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Samantha Sutherland

Samantha Sutherland

Samantha Sutherland is a Serial Entrepreneur, Business Start-Up Trainer, Mentor and Radio host of "Start Up Great Britain".

Having come from humble beginnings in London, serial entrepreneur Samantha Sutherland left the parental home in her late teens and begun her journey of discovery. Fascinated and drawn to entrepreneurs, it was only natural that she chose to work very closely with them as a Personal Assistant which she did for around 12 years. “Many of the PA roles turned out to be business training”, she reflects.

Tired of the commute into central London and seeking a new challenge, Samantha took a position as an estate agent within a corporate firm, which coincidentally, launched her on her entrepreneurial journey.

Her first business venture started around 7-years ago as a result of being made redundant by the corporate estate agency, a month after she commenced working for them. She says “Being made redundant on my birthday was the best birthday present received to date”. Within 1 day of redundancy Samantha started trading as a lettings agent in east London, working from her home. Samantha is proud of the fact that within the first 6-days of trading, she turned a profit and never looked back. She further developed her idea and set up an online estate agency, which at the time was a rarity.

As the Credit Crisis, followed by the current recession, took a firm grip on the UK and unemployment exceeded 2 Million, it dawned on Samantha that her sharing her business knowledge, business model and expertise would help people realize that they too could set up and run small businesses. This opportunity enables people to provide for themselves and their families, as well as create employment opportunities for others.

Currently Samantha teaches her signature program, “Set Up & Run Your Own Online Lettings Agency” with mentorship. The program offered by Samantha is focused on teaching business models that can be run from home, with low start-up & running costs and will turn profits, all without having to go to University.

Samantha continues to create employers through her start-up business training & mentorship as well as her Internet Radio Show "Start Up Great Britain", where she interviews entrepreneurs from all walks of life and is well on her way to becoming a recognized International Motivational Speaker.

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