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Terri Levine

Terrie Levine

Best-selling author Terri Levine is a business growth mentor and marketing consultant. She specializes in helping entrepreneur-owned businesses achieve record-breaking growth. Terri is the founder and CEO of Comprehensive Coaching U, Inc., The Professional's Coach Training Program, an internationally recognized training program for Certified Comprehensive Coaches. She specializes in using Comprehensive Coaching principles to mentor professionals and companies to experience greater business, financial and personal success.

Terri has been an entrepreneur and business owner for most of her life. She started her first company at age 22 and has owned a number of successful businesses in various industries. For many years, Terri was known as The Guru of Coaching® because of her knack for coaching other entrepreneurs on how to get more clients and keep them long-term. Her services go beyond coaching to include consulting, advising, training, teaching, and mentoring her clients on the art and science of business growth. Over more than 30 years she has served more than 5,000 entrepreneurs and business owners in 239 industries. Today she is known as The Business Growth Guru®.

Terri is based in Philadelphia and serves as a mentor and consultant to all kinds of business owners and service providers. Her clients include dentists, mortgage brokers, real estate agents, financial planners, personal trainers, dieticians, psychiatrists, chiropractors, speakers, authors and florists. Her passion is helping "stuck" entrepreneurs to break through to higher levels of income. As a keynote speaker, Terri has reached hundreds of thousands of people through her memorable, hard-hitting motivational speeches. Each year she speaks at more than a dozen high-profile seminars and events around the world. Terri holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Behaviour and is a Master Coach. She is a best-selling author with 10 books in print, including Sell Without Selling, Coaching Is for Everyone, and Stop Managing Start Coaching which reached #6 on Amazon. Terri has been featured on ABC, NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, as a coaching expert on Channel 10 NBC Philadelphia News and in more than 1,500 publications. When she isn't coaching, training, speaking, or writing, Terri loves to race Formula Dodge cars

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