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Zoe Cairns

Zoe Cairns

Zoe shows individuals and businesses how to market themselves online and generate free traffic.

Many business owners are already using social media sites to promote their business but very few know how to maximise the effectiveness of them.


Zoe demonstrates how to fully exploit the capabilities of these forums. In other words, they learn invaluable methods of promoting their business and generating sales at no cost. 

Zoe shows businesses how to use automation tools, twitter tools and lots of different strategies, tips and techniques on how they can create their presence online and build their brand awareness on the Internet.

Zoe has many ways in which she shows you how to drive more traffic to your websites and blogs!!!!

Based in England, this speaker is in constant demand for her knowledge, at a range of top business events.

The largest businesses in the world are now utilising social media to create brand awareness, customer loyalty and gain sales. This is your opportunity to learn the secrets they are using so you too can make money from social media

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