Free Teleseminar – Create Financial Change

Attention: Coaches, Consultants and Independent Business Owners

Join this teleseminar only if you would like to see visible change in your business. And it is time for you to step up , ” Take The Bull By The Horn” and Create Financial Change In 2012 that you desire.

Join me for this free teleseminar which is a per-launch to my mastermind group  only if you are experiencing the following :

If  you have sleepless nights, and you can’t tell anyone what you are going through?
If  you want your business to work out so much that everything around you is suffering and you are suffering too?
If  you tired of setting goals that do not come to pass?
If you put yourself on a burner by leaving your job and thinking your business can sustain you?
If you lack Focus and Motivation and wish you had someone to just tell you how to go about things?

If You fall into any of the category above then this teleseminar is for you.  I believe that You Can have – Whatever it is that you desire.

You can have a Successful Business
You can change your Financial situation
You can build your Dream
You can have a Network of people to support you

If this is what YOU want then…I invite you to join me for this Free Teleseminar on Thursday 19th January at 8PM (UK) 3PM (EST)

Register Here Today For This Teleseminar:

What I will be sharing:

1. Understanding you do not have to be like everyone.
2. Defining your purpose and your business
3. Uncovering the roadblocks
4. Keeping your eyes on the Prize
5. Why do it alone
6. Let’s talk Money
7. And More – turn your business into an empire.

I am looking forward to sharing with you tips to take you to the next level.

You can Join Us HERE:

Placida Acheru
Entrepreneur * Speaker * Coach
Empowering you daily to create wealth
I am looking forward to this call and I hope that you would join me as I share with you tips and techniques that helped me on my journey. They are have been tried and tested and you can have them too.
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