From Starving in Kenya To Successful Business Trainer

This story sounds like something from a movie, but it is absolutely true. Our speaker Patrick Powers has experienced an amazing rags to riches stories. I’ll let him tell his incredible story

“About 14 years ago I was invited to come to Kenya to do business with a Danish contact of mine that had set up business there.

I was dumb and naive enough to just believe this guy and I only bought a one way ticket. This was going to be one of the most important decisions in my life. Short term it was catastrophic, because this guy was a complete scam-artist. He didn’t have the connections and resources he claimed, that in my opinion would have allowed us to succeed with our project.

Not only was he a liar but after a few weeks there he also took the rest of my money and basically disappeared. I was left to my own devices and without money in a foreign country. Fortunately I had created a couple of friends that allowed me to stay in their house for free. In this situation my network literally saved my life.

But still… I was completely broke and and I experienced real starvation and real fear. It sounds like a reality show except it was a little too real. I could talk for hours about the crazy things that happened and the hardship I went through, but I’m not going to bore you with that.

In the end( after almost 4 months) my girlfriend saved the money for a ticket to bail me out and get me back to Denmark. In the long run this was one of the best lessons I’ve ever got, because I learned I could overcome anything and survive in the toughest of circumstances. My life was never to be the same and I used my newfound self-confidence to look ahead and go to the next level. I’m sure this experience in many ways have helped me to where I am today.

So the moral of the story is don’t let anything keep you from your goals. You can overcome any limitations and circumstances if you want it bad enough and have the right knowledge. So make sure you get to the “Next Level Business Networking” on Wednesday the 17th to learn some of my secrets to not only survive but thrive and succeed” – Patrick M. Powers

Our Next level networking bring quality speakers to educate  and empower those who step to make a change.

One minute with Patrick and your view of life changes. Are you discourage about your business ? Don’t be come meet other business owners and grow your network, be around like minded people.

I look forward to seeing you at our events sometime soon.

Placida Acheru

Entrepreneur, Coach and mentor

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