Gung Hu- The spirit of the squirrel

Hi all, It was my chilling out weekend this past weekend, As I packed a few things to go off, I decided I should take a book with me but then became indecisive on what book to read knowing well this isn’t a work weekend. Finally I picked a book I bought about 10months ago; it didn’t have a straight forward title like- (live life now!) The review on it was good and I have read other books by one of the co- authors so I bought it.

I got reading this book when I was just one hour to arriving home, I had read to about the 40th page and I knew I had to share it.
It’s a story about Peggy Sinclair, Andy longclaw and Andy’s Grandfathers Work life teachings using the behaviours of certain animals and how these behaviours have been used to transform organizations.
In the book was The Gung Ho Story: – The spirit of the squirrel, the way of the Beaver, the gift of the Goose. My brain went tick, tick, tick; I wanted to know what this was about. Would I like this book? Not sure, although it says somewhere on the front page – ‘‘How to motivate people in any organization’’ What is Gung Ho? Does Gung Ho mean – Motivation? why the spirit of the squirrel?
Then came the story of the Squirrel- My attention was caught. I love to watch Squirrels but I haven’t watched them long enough to learn the skills of life from them, one thing I know though they are very tactful. It was interesting to read how observing animals and applying the techniques used by these animals can be applied in our daily lives to increase productivity in all areas of life.
Another motivational book but with a difference, that’s what I think anyway. The prints large makes is easy to read and I will recommend parents to buy this for their young adults, a good way to teach them the way of life.
What are your goals?
Do your values govern you?
*Goals are the future. Values are now
* Goals are set. Values are lived.
* Goals change. Values are rocks you can count on.
* Are you a rock or pebble? Will you hold or roll?
I am not a very good story teller or book reviewer, but if this has made you want to know what Placida is trying to put out, you can get the book on Amazon. Happy reading

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