How to Build Extreme Wealth by Working in Your Passion and Purpose.

Woman Unleash your Potentials Summit brings 21 Top Female Entrepreneurs with a passion to help transform women globally, creating change.

We have a dynamic session, led by multi-million dollar entrepreneur Kathleen Aston, who would be revealing why working in your passion and purpose is the only way to achieve TRUE wealth—financially, spiritually and personally.

This session will transform your world if you:

  • · Believe your life’s work has a divine purpose that is greater than yourself.
  • · Feel torn between traditional money-making activities and following your inner calling.
  • · Experience fear, confusion and overwhelm as you struggle to create an affluent living from following your passion and purpose.
  • · Are dissatisfied in your current work and feel there must be something more for you.
  • · Don’t yet know what your purpose and passion are…

You are Invited to attend this dynamic session and:

  • Awaken to your divine passion, purpose and power and learn why this is the fastest path to wealth.
  • Learn how to clarify your TURE passion and purpose so that you can build ultimate joy and prosperity during your lifetime and leave a legacy for the world.
  • Learn to overcome fear so you can let go of what the “world” is telling you and “embrace” what the universe is telling you to do.
  • Understand how YOU might be the biggest obstacle that is stopping you from achieving the world impact, life dreams and life prosperity you crave.
  • Discover how to build TRUE Foundations for Purpose-Driven Prosperity.

Register here for the call if you have not already done so. . You will also be receiving bonuses throughout the event. Spread the word , let your friends know about this summit for women around the globe

I look forward to meeting you on the call

Placida Acheru

Your Business Transformational Coach

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