How To Build Your List Really Quickly- Blog Series 10

This is day Ten of the 30 day blog series on How to Grow Your Business in 30 days or Less. We have all at some point heard the money is in the list. In my few years in business I have noticed that your list is so important that some business owners would joint venture with you only if you have a certain number of active subscribers.

I remember when I decided I would begin hosting webinars I got turned down by industry experts because I did not have the size of list that they require in other to convert a sale. Now my list at that time was 3000 plus, I knew how to build the list but did not know how to convert sale from my list.

It is the opposite for some; they know how to convert the sale but do not know how to grow a list.

I will be sharing with you some of the way I have grown my list and the things I did to build it fast but before I do I’ll tell you a big mistake I made at the beginning.

At the start of my business, I did not have a landing page by this I mean a website or a capture page where my contacts could go to find out more about me and what I do or at least leave their details.

What I did:

  1. Facebook: – I was new on Facebook but knew how to get people to add me as friends and join my group, so in one month of actively being involved on Facebook I had 1000 people in my group. By my second month I had 1500 members in my group, it was a very active group. I posted updates regularly and new information for members. Members invited their friends and the group just grew.  My Mistake – I didn’t capitalize on the love they had for me and the information I provided to drive them to a capture page so I could get their details and relate to them better.
  2. Ning: Ning is a platform where you can create your own social network and I went for it. I created 4 networks of different niches and began growing them and in no time I had a total of 1000 people in my network. Now although allows you to download the names and email address, you can’t transfer the names to an auto responder.
  3. This is a site where you create your own network but you have to organize physical meetings.  The good thing about this, when you create your group, would announce to everyone in your region who have indicated that they would be interested in a group like yours. My group was advertised to 6000 people and this helped grow my group fast.
  4. Twitter: When twitter arrived , I sign on and began growing my followers

So I had these groups which I kept updating and growing but I was not monetizing my groups also I had no where to drive the traffic i.e. a website or a capture page.

How To Do it properly:

All of the areas mentioned above are good ways to grow your list but you have to be able to capture the details of those who like you enough to be connected to you for they are all potential clients or possible business associate.

Landing Page: The first step to growing your list is to have a landing page for your visitors and potential clients. A landing page is your website which should have an optin box, by this I mean a place where visitors to your web page can leave their details in other to receive further communication about your services.  A landing page can also be a one page site or squeeze page where you offer a product and service and people can leave their details to recePlacida Acheru, Platinum Authorive what you have to offer.

Articles: Writing articles is another very good way to grow your list, after you have written them, get them submitted in article submission sites there are a few good ones out there. I use; and have become a platinum writer. What happens with EzineArticles is your articles get viral and you have people pick up your articles and publish in magazines with your permission though.  If you are a consistent you attract a lot of views and traffic to your website.

Blogging: Blogging is a very good way to drive traffic to your site and build your list; you will find that people are always seeking for answers. Let your blog be a place where potential clients can find answers to their questions. Give good information on your blog when you do this readers trust your ability to provide a good service and they will share your blog and it keeps going viral. Some people take out a blog challenge, to blog for a certain number of weeks consistently, you can do this alone or with colleagues and you can all comment on each others posts, this help to give a good ranking in the search engines.  There are blogger forums you can join; I belong to you will find other blogs you can follow and comment on as you do this others will do the same for you.

Videos: I love videos and I use and for my videos. We are in the days of visuals and more visuals, people love the colors the sounds, the creativity. Create videos and place them on youtube , vimeo or any other video publishing site , be sure that you have your weblink displayed , that way people are driven to your landing page and you can capture their details.

There are other ways to drive traffic to your landing page, ways like

  1. Advertising though leaflets and brochures
  2. Forum participation find forums for your niche
  3. Business cards at networking meetings
  4. Hosting your own radio show-
  5. Exhibiting at trade shows
  6. Group Participation – for instance LinkedIn, Facebook, Google and Yahoo groups for your niche
  7. Advertising in directories , Classified advert sites, local listings-


The list can go on and on, the golden rule is do not jump at doing them all , start with one, see how that goes then go on to the next until you find a system that works really well for your type of business.

I hope this helped

To you Massive success

Placida Acheru

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