How To Customise your Facebook URL (Vanity URL)

 Are you are new to facebook and wonder why some people have a short Facebook URL? It’s about one year now since Facebook sent out an alert giving everyone and businesses an opportunity to have a customized URL.  

  Some people stayed up late on the night of the launch just to secure their name; some missed out on that alert and still use the long URL, like I did for a while.

 If you have not already acquired your business URL do so quickly, with the rapid growth on the population of facebook and also with local businesses embracing social media, there is a possibility the name of your choice is gone.

I was not quick to secure My Business URL and missed it. So I created,  If you have lost your name , you can play around by adding figures at the end of your name.

So why do you need to change your URL- The Long URL is  not Personalized, not Searchable, and difficult to Remember/Share.

NOTE: Think carefully about the username you choose. Once it’s been selected, you won’t be able to change or transfer it.    

Here is how you can get it done; it is easy , you get options to choose from.   

 I hope this helps


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