How To Grow Your Business 30 Days or Less – Day Seven

Today is the 7th day of the 30 day blog series – How To Grow Your Business in 30 days or Less
We will be looking at Tele-seminar Magic- Raise your Profile and Income
I heard about tele-seminar about 4 years ago from a very outstanding lady Kathleen Gage at that time I was just starting out my new business and Tele-seminars felt like something far ahead of me.

Today I know it’s the way to go, I had my first tele- summit which hosted 21 speakers over 3 weeks , it stretched me but most of all I came out a totally different person with a mindset 100% better than I had- You can imagine what  could be.

I can confirm that a very quick way to build your income and your list is through teleseminar if you a know how to conduct one properly.

What are teleseminars? – As the name goes they are seminars held online through a telephone system. These seminars can host between5 – 10,000+ participants, the benefit of this kind of seminar is, participants can log in from anywhere in the world, in their home, office and today on their mobile phones. I had participants from USA, Australia, Nigeria, United Kingdom, Canada, India, it was a wonderful experience.

What will it do for your business?- You will be seen as an expert and will in the process build high credibility.  You save a great deal of money in organizing one and your participants do not have to travel therefore saving airfares. You will also gain massive visibility in a very short time. Did I mention Money- How can I forget; you will have a big increase in your income.  All this will happen if you do it properly, following the right strategies.

What’s the Charge – Teleseminar can be free or paid , it is best to start with a free seminar providing good content to your clients before proceeding to paid sessions. Seminars could be held for 45 minutes – 2hrs depending on what you are offering but it is best not to make it too long so as not to put off your attendees.  There is no set fee for tele-seminars, as mentioned start off with free sessions to build your list and your confidence, then you can proceed to run a training which could be for 4 -6weeks , then you can put a fee to that. You can also run a one day intensive, fees range from £47- £297 depending on the services you are providing.

List Building - My teleseminar was launched very late because I had some unforeseen hitch which made me promote my teleseminar only 5 days to its launch, in the 5 days I got 200+ women into my mailing list from this event alone, imagine if I had promoted it longer.   There have been records of people getting up to 50,000 people register for their seminar. Effective Marketing is the key to a successful seminar.

How Do You Go About It- Firstly you need to know :–
1. Who do you want to reach and why?
2. What do you want to say to them?
3. Write out your content, you need something that sells for a start.
4. Decide if you want it free or paid- I will say free, if you do not have a list
5. Decide if you would host it alone or other with experts
6. Create a sale page for your seminar- There are techniques to this
7. Find a good hosting provider with a tract record of success – I recommend the provider that I used as I found them very easy to navigate and most of my colleagues use them too – Instant Teleseminar you may want to try them out if you decide to go the route of tele-seminars. There are others out there do your research before you choose, i did that too before I found Instant Teleseminar.

8. Marketing- this is the bed rock of any business or venture as long as your marketing is right you will win.

How Do You Earn- You earn from tele-seminars by introducing a course or product maybe e-book for a start then  you can raise your game. You can also record your seminar and convert them to a product which will be available to those who missed it. Some people prefer to listen to recordings in the car or spare time.
You can also have an affiliate arrangement with speakers you bring on the seminars. There is not limit to what you can earn from tele-seminars.

This is just the basic information you need on tele-seminars, I will recommend you get a mentor to help you with your first one. There are back end strategies to conducting a successful seminar. I hope this helps

To your massive success
Placida Acheru
Your Business Transformation Coach

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