How To Grow Your Business 30 Days or Less – Day Three

This is day three of the 30 day blog series on How to Grow Your Business in 30 days or Less. We have looked at having passion, and determination to succeed. I hope that you are taking action as you follow the blog, maybe even setting yourself a challenge like I have done.

The next step is having a goal. There is a saying   “If you fail to prepare then you are preparing to fail”

Today I will be sharing about – Making The Future Reality

This is an extensive topic and so I will try to compress it into two parts at most three . I am assuming that most of the readers here have at one time or the other heard about planning, structuring, vision statement or goal setting.

Some people believe that goal setting is not necessary just take one day at a time, handle things as they come. Others believe they have to set goals and work towards achieving them.  What’s your take on this?

motivational dreams

Recently in my work with young offenders, one young lad said to me “I don’t believe in setting goals or planning for the future because they do not come to pass”.  It was interesting to hear his take on planning for the future- honestly he almost convinced me.

This lad had no picture of his future, because he has shut his mind and would not even think of the next day, he lives for each day without a plan or purpose.

In my work as a business owner and coach I know for sure that you should have a plan, a projection for the future, a goal. If you don’t then you are just playing a time wasting game that you may never win.

You probably have written a business plan which acts as a projection for your business. What I have seen most people do is take out time to write a fantastic business plan, possibly pay some expert to get it done then  put the plan in a shelve and never go back to it. They just do their own thing, go with the wind, and follow everyone else except their own plan for their future.

If you do not know where you are going, every road will be attractive and will lead you nowhere but frustration.

The vision must be followed by the venture.  It is not enough to stare up the steps – we must step up the stairs.  ~Vance Havner

So what goals do you need to set?

You need to set goals around various areas of your life. Yes! I know this blog series is about growing your business in 30 days, you may be asking, what does other area of your life have anything to do with your business?

Your health, family, spirituality, attitude, leisure, have everything to do with the success of your business and your continual achievement, you need to have a balance and a structure for living.

But before we set our goals for our business, it is advisable to have a personal vision statement which stands as a guide to you in whatever you do or be in life. This statement defines you and your values. When you know exactly where and what you stand for then you are not moved by every wind presented to you.

Here are a few questions to guide you -target

  1. What are you good at?
  2. What do you love to do?
  3. What aren’t you good at now, but you’d like to be?
  4. What do you have and still want?
  5. What do you have and do not want?
  6. What don’t you have and do not want?
  7. What don’t you have and want?
  8. Where would you like to visit?
  9. What make you really happy?
  10. What are you dissatisfied about whenever you think about it?
  11. What would you like to achieve in life?
  12. If you died and looked back, what would you regret not doing?

All of these important questions are part of identifying your personal vision and writing your statement.

Write your statement in the present as though you are living it right now, this minute. It doesn’t matter what situation you find yourself, write as though all is well and good and nothing is stopping you and you have all the resources that you need at your disposal.

My own personal vision statement in no particular order includes things such as

  1. Develop myself daily towards my greater goal for my life by ( reading, receiving training, attending conferences, workshops, receiving coaching and mentoring where necessary )
  2. Empower those that come into my world to be better people and achievers
  3. To respect my clients and to win 100% with them each time
  4. Publishing books, create products for the transformation of the life of all those who come across them
  5. To share my knowledge and wisdom with a vast international audience as a speaker and trainer
  6. Live daily a life dedicated to peace, love, creativity, integrity, honestly, providing great value
  7. Be committed to my husband and marriage
  8. Raise my children in biblical standards to the best of my ability
  9. Respect and value my close friends and the new connections I make in the way of my growth

10.  To show my love and commitment  to my immediate and extended family

11.  Travel the world  for leisure as well as for business

12.  Listen to music regularly (I have found this uplifts my soul and inspires me ) express my creativity

13.  To be always grateful and enjoy the gifts that have been provided for me by God

14.  To be the best in my industry and to be recognized as one.

15.  To reach out a lending hand when I can and finally to have maximized my potentials and be completely empty by the time I leave this earth.

This is just a summary of what my vision statement contains , I have also taken it a step further by creating a picture board of my vision, dreams and values- I will be discussing more about vision boards and how effective they can be in your life’s development and keeping you focused.

My request to you is to take out time to write out your personal vision statement, this is all part of making your future reality.

We shall continue with part two tomorrow. Do remember to share this with your networks via email or social media.  Your comments and thoughts are valuable to next reader.

To you massive success

Placida Acheru

Your business transformation coach

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