How To Grow Your Business 30 Days or Less – Day Two

This is day two of the 30 day blog series on How to Grow Your Business in 30 days or Less , Did you get to watch the video on day one by Napoleon Hill which talks about whatever the mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve.

He talks about having a definite purpose, of what you want to receive and what you want to give to others. In simple terms true wealth and happiness comes from giving and receiving the gifts that come your way.

I have found out in my years as a business owner that opening my heart and my hands attracts more to me. Everyone has got a gift , something for the rest of the world until you open up and release your talents, gift, purpose you will remain stagnant.

Napoleon Hill gave out some task for you; did you get the chance to get it done? Remember the purpose of this series is to create change in your personal life and business. Do something differently from what you have always done.

For me I am taking out time to blog for 30 days , not my style but I am determined to get it done not just for me but for all that come across the write ups here.


My writing for today is a question – How Bad Do You Want It?

Day one talks about purpose and achieving, let us imagine that you have found that purpose, the call for your life, your desired business. Life lesson teaches us that we must go the extra mile to see it come to pass.  It is not enough to know it, not enough to just believe it, you have got to take action, do something to make it happen. Desire it so badly that it takes your breath away.

Remember when you were first in love and the guy or gal didn’t know you loved them. You did everything possible to get their attention.  It broke your heart when your efforts were futile but you didn’t stop. You read books, you asked friends, you cut your hair, and you started dressing really smart all to get noticed. You wanted it really badly. The same goes for everything in life including your business.

I say to my clients, “It’s your dream, your life, your result and only you can make it happen”. It is true that we can get help of a mentor or coach but there is so much that they can do for you. Until you decide and I mean, truly decide that your project will be a success, then that’s when it would happen. A mentor or coach will help to guide you, they can try to spoon feed you but they cannot make you swallow and digest the food.

You have to make a decision of whom you want to be, what you want to do. “It is not a should” a decision is a must, all real change happen when you make a decision.The moment you decide to be wealthy it happens, everything begins to work to make you wealthy.



Successful people spend time focusing on solutions, opportunities and it come to them. Change your perception by changing the questions you ask yourself. Stop all the negative stories and anything that is disempowering to you.

In life there will always be challenges but apply positive energy towards the challenges, never run away from your challenges face them and say to yourself I am a winner I will always win.

Getting rich and being successful is the result of doing things in a certain way.

So my friend, what is that business, dream, goal that you really want to achieve? you have to be commited – do what ever it takes.

Is there anything stopping you from getting to your peak? What’s really holding you back?

Invest  in your dream , your biggest investment is your time – life is short and death is forever

The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers.  But above all, the world needs dreamers who do.  ~Sarah Ban Breathnach, Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy, 1996

I have put up a video here which ask the question- How Bad Do You Want It? Take out a few minutes to watch this video its only about 5 minutes, leave your comments below.

Do remember to share this series with your friends by email or social media, your contributions are valuable to all other readers. Growth is a combined effort.

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