How To Grow Your Business In 30 Days or Less – Day 0ne

Today Kicks off the 30 day blog series on how to Grow Your Business in 30 days or Less , Welcome! I will be sharing tips to transform your thinking and grow your business , these tips will come in videos, blobs, articles that will help you increase your sales , gain visibility and  credibility , tips to clear out road blocks.

My desire is that at the end of the 30 days you would have gained

The motivation to take positive actionplant

Discover how to overcome your biggest business fear and obstacles

Discover how to use your naturally endowed gift to attract the right clients for you.

Discover how to make money with ease and manage your finances

Discover how to differentiate yourself from the competition and Increase the lifetime value of your clients

How can you make this series work for you?

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Create time everyday to read the blog, there is a lesson in each blog, you only have to be still, listen and allow yourself to receive.

  1. Make comments, leave a tip or experience that you have in relation to what is being discussed- the reason for this is that you in turn will empower other readers and also its another way of advertising yourself and services
  2. Leave a contact link for instance  your website, blog or face book fan page
  3. Share the series with your friends so that they too can join in
  4. Take action fast on new knowledge gained as this is the best way to bring about massive results
  5. Do not spam the series , if this is done you will be blocked from participating

I am committed to making it worth your while.  Are you committed to creating change within the next 30days?

As I thought of how to kick off this 30 day blog series on How To Grow Your Business In 30 days or Less. The first thing that came to mind is clarity of vision, if one does not know where they are going then every road will be attractive and they will never get to their divine purpose and destination.

To highlight and help you gain that clarity, I thought of Napoleon Hill who is one of my teachers.  Today I share his video which says Whatever The Mind Can Conceive and Believe,You Can Achieve. I know that a lot of us have heard this saying time and time again but really, deep down is your mind actually conceiving what it should or is it filled with doubt, fear and discouragement. The key word to conceiving and achieving is Believing.

Take out a few minutes to watch this video its only about 10 minutes, it’s got a lot of lesson in it, I will recommend that you get a pen and note pad you might need it.

Do remember to share this series with your friends by email or social media, your contributions are valuable to all other readers. Growth is a combined effort.

To add, this series is not planned its going to be spontaneous ,  everyday will bring something to take you forward in life and business

* Remember to leave your contributions and valuable tip for the next reader.

I wish you the very best as you journey with me through the month of October 2011.

Placida Acheru

Your Business Transfromation Coach

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