How to Sign Up New Clients

Anastasia Netri, the business building expert and “Glass ceiling buster” is the founder of ALN Enterprises, a company that helps conscious women leaders to shine, live large, and make LOTS of money!

She has a passion for helping these women move into more powerful leadership so that they can help the world evolve, build community, and experience true human potential.

Anastasia says that she is a spiritual teacher that works through the lens of business building. She says, “In the process of serving more people, you will begin to move into the most authentic expression of yourself, experience your value, and open up to greater intimacy and connection with others.”

Anastasia specializes in totally inspirational, non-fear based marketing, and teaches hundreds of entrepreneurs how to bring their clients to a full body YES, using her 10 Steps to YES system™.

Anastasia does private coaching, group programs and live events, and is a dynamic speaker.

You can find out more about Anastasia on her website:

Topic: Inspired Selling: How to Sign Up New Clients Without Using ANY Fear-Based Sales Tactics

  • What the feminine model of business is, and how to apply it
  • Anastasia’s 10 Steps to YES!(TM) System for inspiring a full body YES from your clients
  • A key mindset shift that will take you from feeling stuck to motivated in a matter of minutes.

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