Keeping The Momentum Alive

Its one week and 4 days since the Women Info Millionaires’ Boot camp and the 7th day of this month April 2011. Its 3.30am and yes I am supposed to be in bed but I am up listening to a tele-sumit and wondering – what have the ladies been doing since the event.

I know some of you found buddies and are supporting each other, I was really glad when I heard that. Some have kept their word to themselves by actually starting the coaching programs that they showed interest in.

My question to you is- What have you been doing since the event – Please don’t tell me –“ I am still trying to take it all in”.  If you remember, almost every speaker at the event emphasized that they had to make a decision to create change and it was only then that things turned around for good.

What’s your Decision – Are you committed to it and yourself?

I did not get to share my complete story with you – There is something you need to know. My business journey in the UK started only a few years ago, I won’t tell you exactly when because you might faint from shock. I am a classic example of someone who had nothing, just a passion and a winning strategy. My winning strategy is putting my eyes on the mark.   Just like the sports man, doing, learning, toiling the night to understand

1. Who I am

2. What I have to offer and

3. How to offer what I have.

The sleepless nights have paid off; taking action on coaching received has paid off, collaborating with like minds has paid off.

There are so many people out there to help you; you just need to be receptive. Until you allow yourself to receive, help will not come.

Marie-Claire Carlyle- The Money Magnet coach, gave us all a book mark with declarations to help open our minds so we can accept and receive money.  Do you still have yours? Did you read it? Are you declaring daily?

I have just received an invite from a fantastic business coach- Mary Shakun to speak at her event in New York: – Good Eh!  This could be you because I believe you have the potential.  Will you allow yourself to show up?

This is the money bag year allow yourself to be schooled, allow yourself to receive.

I speak from the heart as a Friend, Coach and Mentor, stop yourself from being your own road block. Do something daily to take you to the next level.  If you signed up for any programme  stay on it and complete it . Let nothing distract you from your journey.

Keep the connections you have made, expand your network and net worth.

I am wishing you an excellent month, and I look forward to hearing how you are doing.

Did you get the goodies I sent? if not, give me a buzz and I will resend it to you.

Do stay in touch on FB, TW,LI , I will be happy to connect with you.


The Picture used here is the work of  Chris Piascik- check his site out- lovely work


Placida Acheru :)

Entrepreneur * Speaker * Coach



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