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Meet our previous and upcoming speakers on the show.

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[img src=]10150Placida Acheru
Placida Acheru is a Business Transformational Coach and Monetization Strategist. She is also the Host of Keep Your Dream Alive Radio Show
[img src=]4430Pete Evans
Pete’s successful sales and business development career includes a twelve year career with Friends Provident where he was one of the top ten financial services consultants in the direct sales force.
[img src=]4300Victoria Player
Fashion designer turned certified coach, speaker, author and online entrepreneur, Victoria is the creator of the More Clients Rock System – a proven step-by-step process for attracting all the clients you need. Victoria is also the founder of the Inspired to Greatness community for women to connect, inspire and succeed.
[img src=]4210Susie Heath
Susie has a wealth of experience, some even pioneering, in her work masculine/feminine dynamics. Rather than promoting assertiveness-training and the empowerment of women
[img src=]4130Julia Rosien
Julia Rosien is quite an accomplished woman. She has a strong background in Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing journalism and had a considerable number of exposures in several industries. She is the founder and Chief Idea Officer of SocialNorth, a social media strategist firm as well as founder and owner of GoGirlfriend, a travel-based website for women.
[img src=]4020Lisa Bloom
Lisa Bloom, founder of Story Coach Inc. helps entrepreneurs and business owners beat overwhelming stress and discomfort with marketing to find confidence, attract ideal clients.
[img src=]3940Gloria Ponziano
Gloria Ponziano, a powerfully inspirational speaker, is a trail-blazer in the field of personal growth.<br />In 1995 she founded More than Fitness, Inc., a successful personal training and wellness business that maintained a “wait list” for more than 5 years.
[img src=]3920Ogo Ogbata
Ogo Ogbata (pronounced ‘or-gore’) is an experienced trainor, coach and consultant who leverages her creative insight and abilities in delivering highly-inspiring programmes that help professionals and business
[img src=]3880Steve Jones
Steve Jones is a well known business coach, public speaker, trainer and consultant. Steve is an expert at creating ideas and strategies that build businesses, drive revenue and improve business position & performance. He has a passion for making companies and their products the best in their product category.
[img src=]9440Sheronde Glover
Sheronde Glover is the CEO/Lead Practitioner of The Business Practitioner, Inc.; an Atlanta based consulting and training company whose mission is to help individuals and businesses become more purposeful, productive, and profitable. She is the author of Sipping Tea and Doing Business: A Holistic Journey to Business Success, a book and concept that became a nationally known brand and symbol for both entrepreneurial and business women.
[img src=]8290Victoria Groom
Victoria Groom is a well-known coach and mentor in the UK and has just started to work in the US.<br /><br />She works with women in business, inspiring and guiding them to create from a place of true desire.
[img src=]5400Susa Ritchie
Sue is now a qualified personal and business coach, who runs You Time Coaching, where she helps professional women to develop the confidence to be brilliant in the workplace.
[img src=]9620Heidi BK Sloss
Heidi BK Sloss is an energetic keynote speaker, engaging sales and leadership trainer, and highly effective workshop facilitator.<br />She infuses more than 31 years of business experience into her key sales strategies and powerful presentations. Sloss is the author of “The Fortune is in the Follow-Up”
[img src=]9470Tabitha Jayne
Tabitha Jayne is a leading expert in the field of grief & growth coaching and the author of Thriving Loss: Move beyond grief to a place of peace, passion and purpose. She is also the creator of the Tree of Transformation©, a five step process that helps individuals let go of grief and transform loss into a lasting legacy
[img src=]8590Wendy Howard
Wendy Howard, started her solopreneur career in January 2003, having over 30 years experience in the field of personal development within the Social Care Industry and then to a much wider Corporate marketplace.
[img src=]8520Oli Hille
Oli Hille is a regular guy who used to work long and brutal hours for a big corporation. He is the author of Create the perfect lifestyle.
[img src=]8390R Chrys Ghiraldini
After recovering physically from a head on collision at the end of 2008, she experienced PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) with persistent suicidal tendencies. None of the natural remedies she knew was helping her and she was hanging out in a really dangerous neighborhood in her own mind.
[img src=]8240Sue Sutcliffe
People call Sue Sutcliffe a web pioneer. She got on the Internet in 1993 and has been helping people leverage the Internet ever since! Sue has built more than cutting-edge websites in her decade and a half of entrepreneurship
[img src=]8120Mary Shakun
Former investment banker Mary Shakun has a new life ... helping people take control of their own. Mary has 20+ years’ corporate experience including 10 years venture capital and International Think Tank experience. She was nominated to Who's Who in American Women, 1990 - 1994
[img src=]8030Clare Turner Marshall
Clare Turner Marshall is no ordinary finance coach with over 15 years in the financial industry, serving more than 3,500 clients, Clare helps individuals and companies make the most from their money.
[img src=]7930Marilyn Messik
In 2008 Marilyn set up a copywriting consultancy - Create Communication to help companies shape their business messages to optimum effect. She’s a serial networker, holds communication workshops, is currently writing the final two of a series of business e-books


Keep Your Dream Alive is a Bi-Monthly radio show presented by Placida Acheru. It is aimed at entrepreneurs and Start Ups providing a space to get information and strategies for developing a successful business as well as improving personal lives. The Invited Guest on the show share proven strategies which they have discovered  and have used to create success in the business world. They are ordinary people who have taken steps daily to be extraordinary. We broadcast live and guest can listen in on their phone or computers, replays are also available and will be delivered to you when you signup. Follow the show so you do not miss out on the valuable tips that are shared.

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