Manage Your List Using Auto Responders- Blog Series 13

This is day 13 of the 30 day blog series on How To grow Your Business 30 Days or Less. In blog series 10 we talked about how to grow your list really quickly, I hope you had the time to research and implement some of the strategies mentioned.  Growing your list is one thing effectively managing it, is another? Thanks to auto responders the task is easy and clients remain happy customers if our auto responders are properly setup.

Our focus in this lesson will be on the necessity and importance of including auto responders as your ultimate marketing strategy to grow your business and retain your clients.

First I would like you to give a brief idea on the functionality and necessity of using auto responders to grow your list and then I will show how to adopt this approach with your business operation and marketing strategy.

What is an auto responder: By the name, you may have got the idea that is an automatic response system.  What is basically mean is that you are able to set up the information you want your clients to receive weekly or monthly in the automated system and at the date and time set, the information would be sent out to your clients.

Time Saver: It saves you having to write every day the same message to every new client. Since it’s automated, each time you have a new client, the same message is sent out but the good thing about this, the date and time would appear as though you had just written the mail for that client. Each mail can also be personalized with client’s name.

Super Time Saver: You can set your own schedule according to which new emails want sent and the frequency. Messages can be set to the time frame 1- 2years, which means you can go on holiday and not worry if your clients are receiving updates.

Money Maker: At intervals you can introduce your products and services and make money while you sleep. The good thing about this is you are able to reach anyone anywhere in the world communicate with them, sell your product and it is all automated.

Below are a few key points to make your auto responder work for you.

  1. Special attention should be placed on the new clients; they are your first priority as they will help in expanding your business. Make your new clients feel you; most auto responder systems have templates which give off a good first impression. You are able to choose your color codes or better get a professional to design a branded template for you.
  2. Your message at the beginning is key, be sure to introduce yourself and remind them why they have opted into your list and the benefit they would be receiving. You could offer them a freebie as a way of saying thank you. Seek to make your new clients happy, so they can tell their friends
  3. Be consistent with your message, if you have opted your clients in for business tips, stick to that. If you would like to send them other information, explain to them, giving them a good reason why you thought that particular message will be of benefit to them.
  4. For those of you who have considered starting a membership club , you can also do this using your auto responder, it is an extensive topic which i intend to share with the memnbers of the Jv – Mastermind club. If you would like to gain more information or be a part of an empowering group you can join us at the JV-Mastermind Club, I will be sharing more tips on this.
  5. Some auto responders allow you to insert video which is a good attention grabbing method. You want to always grab the attention of your readers by the headlines and by the content. Grabbing headliens and content keep your reader on the list.
  6. You can get assistance in writing your messages if you do not have the time, or writing skill. Hire an expert; do not think of the money you would spend, think of the results you would get.

Besides all of this, using auto responder could bring you the most effective statistical data about your efforts and the response from the client in a fully automated way.

Auto tracking: Auto tracking is one key part of auto responder. These auto trackers are designed to generate automated report about:

a) How many people has opened and read the messages sent from your system?

b) What is the type and name of the e-mail server which are used by the individuals to whom the messages have been sent?

c) How many people clicked the links inside the messages you have sent and who are they?

d) How much profit you had made through each messages you have sent?

Auto tracker, which comes as an integrated part of auto responders, comes with the answer of all these questions and generates the statistical data and report based on this, the way you want.

Well you have got a brief summary of the uses of auto responders and how you can benefit from them. I would recommend that you do a research on the system that suit your business, there are a variety out there , I have chosen one for my business, so far it has not disappointed me. I have used Aweber for the last 3 or so years; it’s still tops for me when it comes to functionality, usability and pricing. You may want to check them out.

What is the cost: I would always advice that to seek a system that works for your type of business the pricing does not matter if the productivity out ways the price. Always think of the benefits and the time it saves you.

Finally, as mentioned above growing your list is essential but maintaining a good relationship with your clients, saving time and making money while you sleep is the key to an expanded business.

To Your Massive Success

Placida Acheru

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