If you are thinking of starting a business or have been in business for a few years and you seem to be going in circles, not quite achieving your goal then keep reading on.

Sometimes as business owners we know that it’s time for a visible change in our business, time to Polish your idea and gain more clarity so you can achieve more of your goals. If you are in any of these positions then you are in the right place.

If you wish you could be more in control of your time, become more confident, remove your fears and have more power to go for anything you want then stay with me as I share with you some vital information on how you can make progress.

You can stop going in circles, achieve more and see visible difference in your business with the support of an experienced coach and mentor, someone to work with you holding your hands.

Over the years as a Business Transformational Coach and Mentor , I have met business owners who struggle in their business not because they don’t know what to do but basically because the business world is becoming more and more complicated for the solo entrepreneur . A lot of noise, shining objects and technical projects ,you pile up more work than results. The most intelligent business man or woman begin to look stupid in their work, going in circles and achieving very little, sometimes nothing at all.

As business grows , we get to points where we need to add new systems , programs , workshops, boot camps, Masterminds , Radio shows, so that we provide enriching and powering information to our clients. The fear of technicality, starting something new and taking that bold step has stopped you from providing these valuable new systems to your community.

The competition is high , you have to continually raise the game in other to keep your existing clients and attract you ones.

Buying programs is good, taking action is BETTER – Hand held action is the BEST

I can tell you as an experienced coach that the hardest part in business is getting started and I have found out that those who are hand held do much better than those who try to figure it out themselves. There is nothing stopping you from trying it out yourself , many people take that route and it’s ok but if you do your research you will find out that those who seek help save themselves a lot of stress , cut their journey short and gain more results.

Why Struggle When You Can Get Help and Save Yourself the Stress.  You can take the slow road or you can take the fast road and learn from someone who has been there and made a success.

Have you ever bought a program and it just didn’t meet your needs, not quite what you wanted and you wonder off to find the next support?
Have you ever bought a group program where, half of the content you already have knowledge off and because you are ahead of the rest of the group your work gets delayed and sometimes you have to pull out because you are not benefiting?
I Know! I get clients who have spent $$$$ on programs and the support just didn’t work for them. The coach/mentor could not work at their pace, either too technical, too advanced and everything just sounds strange.
If you have found yourself in any of the situations then keep reading to know what help I have for you.
There is a process for success, I call it strategic implementation, when you implement things in your business strategically you will see result. There is knowledge that you gain from working with a mentor which creates the Aha! Moment . The mentor has gone through the failures, pains and fears and knows the short cuts to help you avoid the same mistakes.

Hear What Others Are Saying:

“Placida is one of those rare people that are top notch in all she does. She has drive, dedication to learning, and is passionate about sharing her wisdom with other entrepreneurs. As a Diamond Member of her Mastermind group, I am impressed with her attention to detail, her organization and business vision. She is a mentor to me in many ways. When I am discouraged or confused about a strategy, she always aids me in getting out of my confusion and I am encouraged by her belief in my abilities and that leads me to be bold and my best. I respect her as a conscientious business woman and highly recommend her as a coach.”

~ Jane Morrison – United States

“After the call to you the seed of action has been growing along with an increased sense of responsibility.I can’t put the idea of completing the book and the project out of my mind for very long.You keep popping up as a reminder that I need to progress.This is just what I need so thanks for popping up. ”

~ Mark Goldie – TV Editor – London -UK

This is what I will be doing with you if you need to get your head straight and begin to see results.

Mentoring Mix – is basically is a mix and match mentoring session which will enable you as a business owner to seek assistance only in the area of need at the time of signing up.

This program will allow you choose what areas of business you want mentoring, and how many sessions you need. The mentoring sessions are well spaced out so that you have ample time to take action and achieve your results. You will have step by step action plans and resources to get you to your destination a lot faster. Your confidence will rise as you gain progress and see results in your business.
This program is open to a limited number of clients monthly. Limited because I will be investing time with you, you will have up to 2hours of my time in each session, telling you exactly what you need to do and how you need to do it. I will be sharing with you resources that will make work light, the exact resources I use myself - Insiders Secrets
You are getting personalized training, I call it intense 1-2-1. This is not a video training or Transcripts program made for everyone, it is you and I working together till you understand the process.

To give you idea of what you can be mentored on,here are some of what my clients come to me for help:

  • Video marketing strategies ( What to do how to do it in other to achieve maximum results)
  • WordPress installation and plug-ins (Website building)
  • Effective Use of Social Media Platforms (I show them exactly what they need to be doing so that they spend maximum of hour a day) No time wasting. I take away the fear of social media platforms and show you how to attract new clients and build Joint venture partnerships.
  • Tele-seminars ( How to organise them , Where and How to get quality speakers, what to do after you have done the teleseminar) sales and marketing
  • Starting a Networking Event ( Where and how to find venues, how to fill your event and more)
  • Launching out as a new coach ( What steps you need to take so that you are differentiated from the crowd and attract your niche market)
  • Starting your own radio show ( The various platforms available – I will walk you through your first live show and mentor you on how to get your first audience)
  • Internet marketing 101 – (Beginners level Internet marketing- I take out the fluff – show you how you can begin earning some money online while you sleep – Anyone can do this with the steps I show you .
  • Blogging platforms and how to start your first blog (I show you best themes and template. Tools you can use to make work light. How you can attract your first set of readers
  • List building – You will learn how to position yourself and market your story
  • Outsourcing – Where to go and How to hire the best
  • Taking your existing business online – This is for those who already have an existing business but are not at the moment utilizing the power of online facilities to expand their business.
  • The list could go on and on – If there is a need I have not listed just contact me and if I cannot help you I will refer you to someone who can. My network of expert is vast and they are always ready to support.

How Much Have Your Lost So Far?
Could you do with some Step by Step strategies
to help Increase Your Income?
What would an extra 5 clients do for you?

Why should you come to me for support?

With 12 years as an Entrepreneur, I’ve learned through the hard way as well as received Mentoring and I know from experience that you reduce your journey by 85 % and sometimes more when you get help. I have seen my clients glow as they achieve tangible results in their business. Over these years I’ve helped the development of entrepreneurs in many fields which includes:
  • Accountants
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Professional Organizers
  • Life Coaches
  • Air /Sea Frighteners
  • Auto Dealership Owners
  • Celebrity Makeup Artists
  • Film Producers
  • Day Care owners
  • Event Planners
  • Business Consultants
  • Authors
  • Speakers
  • Fashion designers
  • Cleaning Industry
  • Record Label Owners
  • Interior Designers
  • Music artists
  • Retailers
  • Celebrity Hair Stylists
I’ve helped these business owners to discover new ways to reach their desired goals, working at their pace to see their businesses expand and skills enhanced making business more enjoyable with increased income.

More of What Others Are Saying:

“Tonight was really great. I learned about adding MP3 to my website.
I am really excited about our homework. Can’t wait till next week.
It was an inspiring and insightful meeting. Look forward to the next one.
Well done Placida for keeping us on track.— Tracy Reid (Diamond Member) – London UK ”

~ Tracy Reid (Diamond Member) – London UK

“In the short period of time that I’ve known Placida, I found that I found a “gem” and
“guru”. Her ability to help any business profit from the Internet is remarkable. I would recommend anyone who desire to take their business to the next level to contact Placida. If it’s profit you want to generate, she can do it for you. She can take you from being a local business to having an international presence.” ~ Kenneth Varga, CEO | Customer Acquisition – Jersey City, New Jersey”

~ Jersey City, New Jersey

Would These Make you happy?

More Clients
Repeat Business
Packaging your expertise
Functional Website
Recurring Income
System that work
Profitable Organization
Effective Online Marketing
Setting up payment carts
Launching a new Product
Acquiring Joint Venture Partners
Results! Results! Results!

Your business gets elevated to a new level…

What do you benefit from this Mentoring Mix ?

  • Position yourself as a leader
  • Gain huge exposure – your personal and business brand begin to attract the right kind of client
  • You gain clarity and understanding of where you are heading
  • Get more traffic and exposure to your website
  • You learn how to apply strategies that will differentiate you from your competitors
  • Generate bigger profit -begin to see your income increase
  • You target your focus for maximum results
  • You create an enjoyable business where you can walk at your own time
  • You become transformed and motivated to keep going
  • Unleash the power to think big
  • Results ! Results! Results !
  • Finally you get tools that you can utilize , you become good enough to empower others

Hear What Maxine Butler Say:
Allow me to share my own very exciting news with you

Meeting Placida has truly been a life changing experience for me.
Regret will never be a word I say after joining up for her Mentoring
Mix – Boot camp program; I encourage you, don’t wait, jump in boots and all.
She has so much knowledge to share; learning with her has opened up my world to a whole new and exciting journey.
After a couple of sessions with Placida, I have learned about things like Skype, and Paypal and best of all I have my very own website too.
Now my day is one of saying “I can’t wait to learn more”
Placida, is a one of a kind tutor, a woman of many
talents, add to that patient, fun to be with, and oh so very encouraging.
Enjoyment, while learning, is what I have had the pleasure to experience.
“Thank you so much Placida for all I have learned from you”
Ps. I joined as a senior @ the mentor -mix
Maxine – Australia

No more to say , than if you need help to see results in your business then waste no more time , for they say time is money.

Sign up today : Enjoy your Business and see Tangible results

What The Program Offers:

  • The sessions are done over Skype for 60 minutes for a minimum of 60 minutes and a maximum of 2hours – In the past both clients and myself have found out that 2hours of content is just about the most, that they can contain. Some people hala :) at 1 hour , they have to stop as they cannot take in any more content. There is no fluff , it’s pure relevant knowledge. We will be working according to your intake level and when you start the session you will be able to appreciate the amount of content and delivery you get.
  • Step by Step Actions – (showing exactly what to do and how to do it – we will practically doing it together) Value – $1800
  • You will find out that you will gain knowledge beyond what you initially signed up for…I don’t hold anything back I know will be of benefit to you.


I look forward to a wonderful working partnership

Placida Acheru – Your No – Nonsense business coach and Mentor
Transforming your everyday into the power to create wealth
PS:You can start implementing these techniques TODAY! Watch your business take a new turn.

My guarantee to you, if after you have taken up the Mentoring Mix and you decide after the session, You are convinced I have not helped you and provided solution, just let me know I will refund all your money and any materials that you have already received or downloaded will be yours to keep. You have nothing to lose this way.
Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don’t apply to the average attendee/purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Examples of actual results can be verified upon request. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.