Inspirational Cards

Many Successful business people claim that they are constantly inspired by the quotes and writings of others that they read along their way.These inspirational cards will inspire you too, in your day to day life.

You will surprise yourself  every time you randomly pick a card, you may discover that the quote you pick becomes relevant for that moment.   These cards have been inspired by Napoleon Hill  and his classic book Think and Grow Rich, in which he describes one of the common traits of successful people- their ability to visualize their goals. By looking through the picture cards you will be able to choose the ones that resonate with you and there for assist you in visualizing your goals, aspirations and dreams.

inspirational Cards


These cards can be used for personal motivation and for corporate training . If  you want something to energise your training sessions?
Something to start people communicating and connecting quickly? Something new, creative and inspiring to get people engaged?

These inspirational were designed to be used in personal motivation, in training events and one to one sessions. Our clients absolutely love them. They really get people involved and creative right from the start of each session. Often our clients purchase additional packs for family, friends and colleagues.

There are 52 cards in each pack. One side showing visual images and 52 different quotations on the reverse (one for each week of the year). You can just pick a card at random at anytime for a little piece of inspiration.

This may be pictures or quotations or a mixture of both. It is a great way to get people to articulate their thoughts and feelings. It brings out creativity and gets the session interactive. Everyone feels involved from the off.

Many companies use the cards at their team meetings and training sessions. They are used frequently on team building events and strategy planning sessions.

The cards are priced at just £12   . To Place bulk order of 10 cards and above  Contact Us

These are every unique cards not found easily, Get Your Now.

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