Quick Lessons To Keep You On Track And On Top – Blog Series 9

This is day nine of the 30 day blog series on How to Grow Your Business in 30 days or Less. I thought I write about some lessons learned through my career and life path which helped me in my growth.

I have to tell you truth sometimes it can get really daunting , even very successful business owners have the moments when it gets all too much but how can one stay focused and not miss that mark?

Bob Proctor said: – Do not permit your present situation to influence your thinking, despite your present situation you should proceed immediately to set a goal that is appealing and scary at the same time.

Here they are:

  1. Value yourself and your services: People do not believe cheap service; you cheapen yourself if you charge little. Do not charge on your perception but charge on your client’s perception of the service you provide. People pay for your experience you do not get paid for what you do but what you have done.
  2. Your Website: A good website needs to be engaging to the visitors with information that keep them coming back to you. It also needs to have a gift for your visitors in return for their contact, this will help you stay connected to them, and finally you need to have a sales process, at the end of the day a site that is not bringing you income is not doing a good job and should be reviewed or shut down.
  3. Have a Niche Market: When you have a niche market that way you can attract qualified leads. What is the age, sex, of your potential clients, what are their values, what they want, can you meet their needs.
  4. Have an Automated sales system: By having an automated system for your business, from as simple as newsletters to sales process is the way to go in this generation. You are able to have a worldwide reach each time 100%, the benefits is business expands and financial also occurs.
  5. Creating Relationships: Create a relationship with your clients that are on a personal level, find out what their problems are, that way they become advocates for you and your business.  This kind of relationship building brings you unexpected business.
  6. Formula For wealth : Wealth = (Value X Leverage) Repeat this and you have Massive wealth
  7. Create a Funnel: When you have a good funnel for your business the financial outcome is endless. Tip- is to make sure that your products are of good quality.
  8. Testimonials: Credibility and recognition come from having your clients provide you with testimonials / feedback for products and services that you have provided. This way others can read the testimonials and purchase your services.
  9. Connect Group: To stay focused, it is advice to belong to a connect group/ mastermind this way you learn new things and create partnerships that last a long time. Consider doing this.
  10. Time management:  Spend time on things that generate you income, it is possible for you to be busy but doing the wrong things. Getting help also save you time and money, it no secret that you can get your work outsourced giving you more time to generate money making ideas.
  11. Joint Venture Partnership: This takes the strain off promoting your services.  Finding other people who are happy to work with you to promote each other’s services is a quick way to grow your business.
  12. The Money Is In the List: Grow your database, it is said that 0.1% of your database buy from you each time.  If you have healthy communication with your list, you are more likely to convert more sales.

This is just 12 lessons, we never stop learning. Open your mind there are new things everyday for us.

To Your Massive Success

Placida Acheru

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