Radio Show: How To More Than Double Your Income Working Less Hours

Can you really double your income or even triple and quadruple it while working only 4 hours a week from home? It does seem like a lot of wishful thinking. For the longest time, achieving work-life balance has been a challenge to most, more so achieving increased monetary prosperity.

We had a great fully-packed time with our most recent Keep Your Dream Alive guest, Dwayne Kerr. Dwayne is definitely every entrepreneur’s dream. He works with entrepreneurs looking to create a healthy work-lifestyle balance, letting them be more productive and create additional income streams while taking more time off.  Dwayne had so much to share that it actually warrants a part two.

During the show, Dwayne effusively shared:

1. How to Create a Personal Online Brand to Multiply Your Income in Under 15 Days

2.  How to turn a book, speech or product into a $2,000 to $25,000 coaching program in 48 hours or less

3. How to use Social Media to Attract High Quality Targeted Customers for Free

4. How to Setup a Fully Functioning Online Business for Less Than $100 in 3 Easy Steps and

5. Why is getting a mentor so important for success.

About Dwayne Kerr:   

Over the last 6 years, Dwayne has helped thousands of entrepreneurs from all over the world turn their yearly income into a monthly income while doing what they love.

He is continually in search and is ready to assist more entrepreneurs.

Dwayne invites entrepreneurs  who are looking for more work-lifestyle changing information to head out to this link to book a strategy session with him and his team. Check it our HERE.

Grab this incredible opportunity and learn more valuable insights on how to take your business to greater heights by listening here:

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