Bante Design LLC – DeAnna Radaj #bizprofile

  Name:  DeAnna Radaj Business:  Integrative Lifestyle Design Company Business Start: 2004 About Business:  Bante Design LLC is an interior design company that specializes in healthy home design/eco-shui, with a focus on the bedroom & office to integrate personal/professional balance & well-being. Live Now:  USA (the south…in Charlotte) What places do you love?: my new … Continue reading

Petite Style Online – Carol Li #bizprofile


Name:  Carol Li Business:  Help Blog for Petite Women Business Start: 2012 About Business:  Petite Style Online is a blog to help petite women who are 5’3 and under to find stylish clothes that flatters and fits. What made you start the blog?:  Being 5’1 I used to struggle to find clothes that fit my … Continue reading

Cetas Kinetic – Katie Rishi #bizprofile


  Name:  Katie Rishi Business:   Training Consultancy for Small Business Business Start: 2010 About Business:  Cetas Kinetic is a training consultancy that supports small businesses in learning skills needed to be amazing. The key is ensuring that training comes with small businesses prices! They also provide both group and individual … Continue reading

Embrace Your Destiny – Sandra Dawes #bizprofile

Sandra Dawes

Name:  Sandra Nicholl Dawes Business:  Personal Development and Spiritual Growth Business Start: 2009 About Business:  Embrace Your Destiny is a Life Coaching practice that focuses on personal development and spiritual growth. My coaching technique is a combination of coaching basics and the lessons I’ve learned from my personal experiences on my personal … Continue reading