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How To Build Your List Really Quickly- Blog Series 10

There are other ways to drive traffic to your landing page, ways like

Advertising though leaflets and brochures
Forum participation find forums for your niche
Business cards at networking meetings
Hosting your own radio show-
Exhibiting at trade shows
Group Participation – for instance LinkedIn, Facebook, Google and Yahoo groups for your niche
Advertising in directories , Classified advert sites, local listings-

The list can go on and on, the golden rule is do not jump at doing them all , start with one, see how that goes then go on to the next until you find a system that works really well for your type of business.

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Website Evaluation and Marketing

Starting and Managing a business requires much more than just writing a business plan, opening an account and printing off some cards. If you own a small business, professional practice or are self-employed and need professional business advice, I offer some money saving packages that can help you take your … Continue reading