Attention: Coaches, Consultants and
Independent Business Owners

Its Time to Step up and Take Charge
Create The Financial Change you desire

Are you at the verge of giving up because your business is not taking shape?
Do you want your business to work out so much that everything around you is suffering?
Are you tired of setting goals that never manifest?
Have you put yourself on a burner by leaving your job and thinking your business can sustain you?
Do you lack Focus and Motivation and wish you had someone to
just show you how to go about things?

If You answered YES! To any of the questions above then this
teleseminar is for you.

YES! You Can – Whatever it is that you desire.

You can have a Successful Business
You can change your Financial situation
You can create your desired outcome and live your Dream
You can have a Network of people to support you

If this is what YOU want then…
I invite you to join me for this Free Teleseminar series
Join us Every Thursday at 10PM (UK) 5PM (EST)

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About Me:

My name is Placida Acheru the founder of Coaching 4 Excellence and Unleashed Women's Network.

I am a sought after coach and mentor, working with business owners worldwide, showing them how to systematically transform their everyday into the power to create wealth.

I do this by increasing my clients brand visibility, helping business owners with client targeting at all stages of the purchase cycle and also helping them make more money using online and offline marketing strategies. .

My passion is business empowerment and developing a culture for wealth creation. I help business owners see that they can become all that they desire to be. We work together to discover their strengths, set goals and walk daily towards achieving the goals.

Let me share my knowledge and experience with you and help you live the life you were born to live, so that you avoid the pitfalls that lead to business failures. I will be your partner to help and guide you through these challenges to get the essential controls back into your business opportunities.

It’s your future, so let’s get started!


Some of what I will be sharing:

1. Online and offline marketing strategies.
2. How to work less and produce more
3. How to get your business noticed by influencers
4. Strategies to keep your business afloat
5. Getting your content found
6. Money talk - Pricing and all
7. Questions sent in by you...And More


Placida Acheru
Entrepreneur * Speaker * Coach
Empowering you daily to create wealth
I am looking forward to this call and I hope that you would join me as I share with you tips and techniques that helped me on my journey. They are have been tried and tested and you can have them too.
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