The 7 Keys to P.E.R.F.E.C.T. communication By Dexter Moscow

On the 25th of May, we had Dexter Moscow speak at our Business Networking event in London Liverpool Street (Ping Pong Dim Sum 3 Apppld Street)   It was a fantastic time, to learn how we could sell to the invisible. Below is a summary of the presentation.


A good presentation entertains us – a great presentation moves us to take action

Whether it is at the front of the room, in a business pitching situation, seeking to gain investors or satisfy stakeholders, in the boardroom or during a 1-2-1 interview, it is no longer enough just to have the facts and figures at your finger tips. You have to engender trust, confidence and have the ability to deliver instantly memorable sound bite messages. You have to be a Master Influencer.

You have to enroll your diverse audience be it face to face or through a myriad of digital media. You have to motivate your audience to be happy to take the action you desire of them.


Unless we are entirely effective in presentation situations we run the risk of not only losing our audience’s attention but actually alienating them. Every day, judgments on our abilities are made based on an emotional reaction to the way we present ourselves.

Body Language – Voice Tonality – The words we use.

Within 30 seconds, a judgement is made of our performance and we could either engage or lose our audience for the duration of our presentation.


Unease, uncertainty or mild disquiet, each subconsciously perceived weakness can capture our audience’s attention and minimise our impact. Less experience in using technology and looking awkward will prevent our message sticking. 85% of an audience’s perception of our performance is visual. It’s not what we say it’s how we say it and look when we are saying it.

Politicians have lost the Party Leadership based on a nervous performance. Media personalities have lost their credibility by ill judged comments. CEO’s have adversely affected their share prices by a less than dynamic presentation equating to a loss of Funding – Position – Confidence.


The 7 keys to P.E.R.F.E.C.T. communication help to overcome these issues and guide you in presenting with powerful content and delivery.

Personal Impact – Know exactly how you are going to start your presentation so that it is powerful and engaging and harnesses the power of positive body language.

Emotional Connection – Tell personal stories use metaphors and let people into your life experiences, they then will be more prepared to join you in your ventures.

Right to talk – Relate what in your life have you studied, experienced, researched and succeeded at?

Facts – Have defined facts, goals and detail. Don’t talk in terms of hypothetical situations. Make it relevant.

Encapsulate – Identify the key elements of your presentation and translate them into succinct, influential language.

Congruency – What you say (words), how you say it (voice tonality) and how you look when you say it (body language) has all to be congruent.

The Company – Identify the credentials of the companies that you worked with or have been associated.

Don’t just present, deliver and influence with power and impact.

About the Author:

Dexter Moscow is the MD of Audience Dynamics, a company that specialises in coaching people to achieve communication excellence. Over the last 40 years Dexter has gained substantial expertise working and educating at the highest level in the advertising, sales, property, and entertainment industries.

Dexter’s appearances presenting and selling £millions worth of products for major organisations on QVC the Shopping Channel have informed his unique approach to corporate communication and influencing skills.

Dexter uses keynote addresses and interactive workshops to educate people about the The 7 keys to P.E.R.F.E.C.T. communication as a way to improve their presentation confidence and influencing skills.

For more information, please visit:

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