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Hi all, We have just launched our first newsletter, we are open to suggestions on how best to improve and make it the reader’s choice. It will be sent out once every month, if you would like to show case your talent and business you can do so by sending your contribution for the next issue.
Articles can be sent on the following topics: –
1. Finance.
2. Career/Business/Work
3. Social media/ networking
4. Personal Development
5. Physical Environment
6. Fun/Social/Hobbies
7. Spirituality/Well-being
8. Health/Knowledge
9. Relationships/Romance
Submission deadline is on the 20th of each month; the dead line for the next issue will be the 20th September 2009.
The Newsletter is about you /your business and empowering members of the group. Articles should be kept simple KISS (Keep is simple specialist) and information packed, Include a Photo, preferred contact detail and a short profile of yourself no more than 160 words.
As mentioned earlier we are open to suggestions, happy reading and wishing you a successful month ahead.
Placida Acheru
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