The Recession Is All In Your Mind (By Brian Wong / Source: The Science of Getting Rich)

Is the recession all in the mind?
Brian Wong, prodigy of Bob Proctor, thinks so. Brian and Bob teach that media sensationalism contributes to the cycle of doom the world is manifesting as the recession.

They also reveal how you can break free from this cycle of doom with lessons we need to learn from people like Sir John Templeton, Sam Walton and Benjamin Graham who, despite the odds, prospered during the Great Depression.
You see, when faced with the Great Depression of the 1930’s, these people knew one thing.
They knew that the mindset they had over the next few years would determine the rest of their financial lives.

It was make or break.

And guess what? Right now, in today’s economy, you’re facing the same situation. Right now, the mindset you have over the next 2 years is going to make or break your financial future.
Find out the crucial mindset and 2 specific steps that you need to learn from people like Sir John Templeton to prosper during any economic situation.

Recession-Proof Your Mindset – Key Insights From Those Who Always Prosper During Times Of Crisis

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