Three Myths Exploded About Small Business Grants

Have you heard about small business grants? The present day recession has made many think seriously about launching a home business. The stumbling block in this line of thought is often lack of finance. Most small enterprises die before their second year is over due to shortage of funds. People literally “beg, borrow and even steal” to launch their business and then realize that it is quite difficult to run a business on a shoestring budget, pay back the loans and hope for a reasonable surplus.

Do you know – A Grant Is A Gift

In view of this , small business grants are comparable to manna from Heaven. A grant is usually given by the Government through schemes which are meant to promote certain businesses, professions or industrialization (and development) of a region. Most people know about these grants but do not go for it because they are stopped by certain myths.

The eligibility criteria are too strict. The truth is that there are fixed eligibility criteria; also there are for scholarships, bank loans and mortgages, job vacancies and so on. Do you stop applying because they give you fixed criteria? On the contrary, you try very hard to establish a match between their requirements and your strengths so you would be chosen as the right candidate.

Too much paper work. The truth is that when you deal with the Government, everything has to be in black-and-white. Though it can be a little tedious, the effort is comparable to that of applying for entry into a leading college, or qualifying for a major scholarship. The competition is high, and the best is selected.

The follow – you just can’t be bothered. Of course, it is worth it. Whatever rate of interest you are offered you cannot match the fact that with a grant you do not need to return the money at all. The trouble you go through to get the grant is amply rewarded by the fact that you need not worry about repayment.

As you can see, small business grants are a boon for any budding entrepreneur. Go for it!

Placida Acheru
Personal/Business Coach
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