Time Management 101 For Business Owners- Blog Series 15

Today is the day 15 of The 30 day blog series on How To Grow Your Business In 30 days or Less.  Have you ever wondered why time seem to be enough for some people and not enough for others? Well it all down to time management – Yes Time management! Those it actually exist and can it be achieved?

Why do you need to maximize your time? Well To-do list never ends, I am sure you have experienced that. For some reason the work and things to do just keep mounting up.

To bring out the best of your resources and potential, there is no alternative but to adopt a perfect time management approach on a regular basis.

Let look at a few things you could do:

1.Keep a good track of your time: I believe in allocating  time to carry out certain task and you can time yourself on how long it took you to get it completed, try to maintain a time log of every single activity. See how much time you are supposed to spend on one particular task and how much time was actually needed. Most time when you allocate time to your task you find out that you accomplish more and for some reason have extra to do other things. The key point it to be focused while carrying out that task and letting nothing distract you.

2.Get rid of the time killing issues: When allocating time to task and actually carrying out the task you would begin to notice time eaters (distractions) create a plan on how to tackle these distractions. some common distraction are:

a)      Sudden visitors.

b)      Unexpected and unwanted troubles shoots.

c)       Unnecessary talks or discussion on the phone.

d)      Spending more time on social networking sites than is necessary.

3. Make a to-do list: Before start your day, make a to-do list on a priority basis and assign the appropriate amounts of time which may require completing these tasks. Always add some few more munities while allocating your time in case of lapses. This will help you not get nervous and keep you on track with your scheduled work.  Take on the big , dreadful task first and get it out of the way , the little task can be done quickly and easily after the big task are out of the way.

4. Define your goals while manage your time: This comes as a very important issue when you are planning to mange your time accordingly. You must have some common and broader business goals. Break it down with your everyday’s activities and assign your times based on that.

5. Utilize your idle time: You can easily maximize your productivity by utilizing your idle time. Times like while you are on a lunch break, you could have your lunch with a business colleague, employee whom you need to meet up with to discuss business or whatever you are working on at the time. You don’t need to arrange a special meeting for this purpose just have your lunch with them and deliver your message. Check most of your emails and be done with your personal phone calls when you are on a coffee break. Don’t let these time be passed out simply. Even you could finish most of your online communication while you’re on the way to office, home or any other places. Have your laptop fully charged and you can work while on the train. Basically create a routine that works you and the kind of business that you run.

6. Organize your working resources and ways: Don’t ever continue with your messed up tables and file cabinets. Same goes for your laptop and desktop. Keep all of your required files in a decent and arranged order so that you could save time by searching for them. The same theory goes even for files you are not considering as necessary at the moment, you never know when you need any particular document. Try to keep all these resources in an arranged manner and make appropriate indexing of these resources.

7. Familiarize yourself  with different time management tools: Simple time management techniques like:


a)      Reminder in your cell phone.

b)      Reminder in your calendar on both your cell phone and computer.

c)       Use a to-do list and update on a regular basis.

d)      Use sticky note, and write the most prioritize tasks from your to do list and stick any places just in front of you.

e)      Synchronize all events and reminder among different electronic devices you use.

f)       Google doc reminders, Windows outlook reminders, set as many as you that’s available to you.

8. Delegate your works: If you are in business you do not want to work as though you are still on a 9-5 job with hard labor. Give yourself the opportunity to think of ways you can generate revenue for your business , and get more involved with the core of your business, while task like administrative and technical things can be delegated to people who love and can do it be than you. Try outsourcing some your regular task, there are virtual assistant everywhere that can help you in the day to day running of your business.

I hope that you will begin to put in place, these measures to help you get the most of your time and achieve more in your business process.

To your Massive success

Placida Acheru

Empowering your everyday to create wealth

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