Tips To Grow Your Online Business

Very recently I was at a meeting of internet marketers, the kind you would call the GURU’s. It was a 3 day mastermind meeting; a lot was exposed in that meeting even those who are already successful were impressed at the content shared.

A lot of brain storming was done and new relationships built, but most of all was the fact that learning was easy, is the reason I am writing this today. To share with you the importance of having a mentor or a group of people you rub minds with to achieve success.

When getting into internet business, you hear a lot of promises and you receive a lot of “how to’s”

You and I know that you end up months practicing the information from all the HOW TO DO- and most times frustration sets in. A lot of people at this point give up and never look back. The next thing you hear is Scam. What a lot of people fail to understand is that as much as the internet promises miracles you have to put in some time and effort it does not come as easy as it sounds.just like any other venture.

Now there are three ways you can get to the top in your online business.

1. Get a lot of Free How To – and continuous trial and error- this will take you there but in a very long time, you are most likely to spend a lot of money and get no results, get frustrated and quit- Try it out don’t say I said.

2. Buy an e- course- Buying a course is good much better than all the freebies. What do most people do? They buy the course it stays on the shelf for so long till they lose the drive and just don’t bother. Internet business requires taking action as soon as you hear of an opportunity, and taking action to execute the process the opportunity offers for success. I know a few people who bought courses and they find out later, they still need someone to take them through the process of actually making it happen.

3. Mentoring- the process of mentoring means that an individual is practically held hand in hand and walked through the process of success based on the experience of the mentor. The mentor has made a lot of mistakes and knows the short route per say, the mentor now saves you the stress of going through the same mistakes. Working with a mentor who has done it and is successful is the way to go for your online business, save time and money and take your business to the next level.

You may ask how can I find a good mentor, it’s easy to find a good mentor, you need to be ready to be mentored and follow advice and recommendation made for you until you are able to make those decisions for yourself. A trick to know is when you find an excellent article, contact the author and ask for help. It is alright to show conscious incompetence, for your incompetence will soon become a conscious competence. Most people who have written articles are experts themselves or know and expert.

In summary if you are struggling with your internet business, don’t go with the crowd find a mentor you can build a good rapport with and be bold to ask questions. You are only a few steps away for your desired goal.

Wishing you Success

Lizette Lincoln writing on behalf of The Bod

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