Transforming Online Profiles Into Powerful Business Magnets

Ogo Ogbata (pronounced ‘or-gore’) is an experienced trainor, coach and consultant who leverages her creative insight and abilities in delivering highly-inspiring programmes that help professionals and business owners discover their unique talents and assets that distinguish them from competition, educate their audience and achieve their goals. Her 3 key areas of expertise are: Talent Management, Educational Marketing and Creativity and Leadership Development.

Ogo shared that she discovered her love for writing at a tender age of 4 and only wanted to be a writer when she grew up. However, life changed dramatically for her when she turned 19.  A series of interesting incidents led her both to the UK and an entirely unexpected career path. After years in the maze so to speak, she had a major light bulb moment when she realised that her childhood dream was the missing link she needed to achieve her business goals.

Ogo is also an author of several books that include a historical novel and business references. In the radio show Ogo shared quite eloquently tips to transform boring online profiles into powerful business magnets – the kind of profiles that attract clients and partners. A subject matter so apt considering the deluge of web traffic these days.

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Ogo Ogbata on the KYDA Show:  Transforming Online Profiles Into Powerful Business Magnets 

Here are some points that you will learn from Ogo’s Interview:

  • The Most Deadly ‘Secret Killers’ of any Business Profile
  • Simple Mistakes that may be ‘cheapening your brand’ and destroying your credibility
  • How to CREATE a profile that makes people Know, Like and TRUST You Instantly
  • How Your Business Profile can ‘Set You Apart’ from any manner of competition and
  • How To Quickly and easily Create or Update your Business Profile to match your True Personality and Expertise

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